Juraj V Zrinski

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Juraj V Zrinski
Ban (viceroy) of Croatia
Zrínyi György Pollák.jpg
Juraj V Zrinski (1599-1626)
Ban of Croatia
Born 31 January 1599
Čakovec, Habsburg Monarchy (today's Croatia)
Died 28 December 1626

Juraj V Zrinski (Hungarian: V. Zrínyi György) (January 31, 1599 – December 28, 1626) was a Croatian Ban (viceroy), warrior and member of the Zrinski noble family.


Juraj V Zrinski was born in Čakovec, a town in the Međimurje County, the northernmost county of Croatia. He was the grandson of one of the greatest Croatian Ban, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, who died in the tragic and heroic Siege of Szigetvár (Croatian: Sigetska bitka), at a town in the western Hungary where the Ottoman invasion to Vienna had been stopped.

He was the son of Count Juraj IV Zrinski, main royal treasurer in the Kingdom of Croatia and Hungary, and Countess Sofija Zrinski née Stubenberg. Educated in Protestantism, he later turned to Catholicism and "purified" his estates from Lutheranism.

On November 15, 1622, Zrinski was appointed Ban of Croatia. At that time, he was widely recognized as a brave and courageous warrior. He fought the Turks in many battles.

His wife Magdalena née Széchy bore him two children: Nikola Zrinski and Petar Zrinski, who both later became distinguished Croatian bans and died a violent death.

Juraj Zrinski died in a military camp near Bratislava, Slovakia, during the Thirty Years' War. His chivalry and rapier-tonguedness were, unfortunately, a thorn in his superior's, general Albrecht von Wallenstein's, side and von Wallenstein had Zrinski poisoned after a verbal duel in 1626. At an age of only 27, the ban was buried in Pauline monastery of Sveta Jelena (St. Helen in English) near Čakovec, next to the graves of his ancestors.

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