Jurf Al Sakhar

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Jurf Al Sakhar
Arabic: جرف الصخر
Jur al-Sahkar
Apache Company 1/501 PIR patrolling Jurf
Apache Company patrolling Jurf
Coordinates: 32°52′28″N 44°11′40″E / 32.87444°N 44.19444°E / 32.87444; 44.19444Coordinates: 32°52′28″N 44°11′40″E / 32.87444°N 44.19444°E / 32.87444; 44.19444
Country Iraq
Governorate Babil
Population (2003)
 • Total 50,682

Jurf Al Sakhar (Arabic:جرف الصخر) — also spelled Jur al-Sahkar — is a city in Iraq, located about 60 kilometers southwest of Baghdad. It is near Musayyib and approximately 80 kilometers east of Fallujah.

It has about 50,000 inhabitants, mostly Sunni Muslims from the Al-Janabi and Dulaim tribes.

At Jurf Al Sakhar was a large military complex including the Al Hakum facility, at one time Iraq's most sophisticated and largest biological weapons (BW) production factory.

During the Iraq War troop surge of 2007, Jurf Al Sakhar was one of the first towns under the "concerned citizens" program, in which the local populace was paid to secure the town via checkpoints along its roads, funded by money supplied by the U.S. military. The influx of money led to an almost instantaneous decrease in violence in the area. It is also the location of some of the most bitter fighting during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Nine medals for valor were awarded to the paratroopers of Apache Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (Geronimo), for their actions in and around the town. The unit was also awarded the Valorous Unit Award, the second highest unit award in the US Army. In 2014 it was captured by Islamic State.