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Jussarö lighthouse on the Sundharu islet south from Jussarö island.
A building from the mining period on Jussarö.

Jussarö (Finnish: Jussaari) is an island in Ekenäs, Raseborg, Finland. Jussarö is known by the Jussarö lighthouse. There is also an iron ore mine, but it was closed in 1967. The iron ore occurrence is the biggest undersea level in Finland. In Jussarö some abandoned buildings still remain; which were used by the military until 2005 for urban war simulations. Jussarö is known as the only ghost town in Finland.

Prisoners worked in Jussarö mines in the 19th century. The island also had its own parish.

Lilla Jussarö[edit]

Approximately 200 metres (660 ft) to the north of Jussarö is Lilla Jussarö. This smaller island, consisting of a few houses and a harbour was once owned by Nokia.

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Coordinates: 59°49′36″N 023°34′06″E / 59.82667°N 23.56833°E / 59.82667; 23.56833