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Just a Woman is a country music album recorded by Loretta Lynn and released on MCA Records in 1985. The album was co-produced by Jimmy Bowen and Lynn, her first time as co-producer. This was her only album produced by Bowen and only the second album of her career not produced by Owen Bradley.

The album featured three single releases, "Heart Don't Do This To Me", which was a top 20 country success for Lynn, and "Wouldn't it Be Great" and "Just a Woman".

Her song, "Wouldn't It Be Great" would later appear on the album "Honky Tonk Angels" with Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stop the Clock" (Bobby Braddock, Ron Hollard, Bucky Jones)
  2. "Heart Don't Do This To Me" (Kin Vassy, Justin Wilde)
  3. "Wouldn't it Be Great" (Loretta Lynn)
  4. "When I'm in Love All Alone" (Dave Loggins, Judy Rodman)
  5. "I Can't Say it on the Radio" (Chris Waters, Tom Shapiro)
  6. "I'll Think of Something" (Jerry Foster, Bill Rice)
  7. "Adam's Rib" (Loretta Lynn)
  8. "Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me" (Tom Damphier)
  9. "Just a Woman"(Stewart Harris, Carlotta McGee)
  10. "One Man Band" (Don Ruth, Timmy Toppan)