Just the Ticket

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Just the Ticket
Just the Ticket.jpg
Just the Ticket theatrical poster
Directed by Richard Wenk
Produced by Andy García
Gary Lucchesi
Written by Richard Wenk
Starring Andy García
Andie MacDowell
Distributed by United Artists
Release dates
26 February 1999
Running time
115 min.
Language English
Budget $12,000,000
Box office $430,404

Just the Ticket is a 1999 film starring Andy García and Andie MacDowell. Garcia was also the producer. The movie was originally titled The Ticket Scalper.


Gary Starke (Garcia) is a New York ticket scalper who, in the old traditional style of scalping "works the street", known as "the walk", as opposed to the plethora of modern-day ticket brokers who ply the Internet for sales. Yet when his girlfriend Linda (MacDowell) gets enough of his lifestyle and leaves him, he decides to mend his ways and make one last big score, something that will help him win Linda back and straighten out his life. He finds his chance in an epiphanic moment; an opportunity to scalp a large stack of tickets to see the hottest show in town --- the Pope at Yankee Stadium.


  • The film was plagued by bad luck from the start. Writer/Director Richard Wenk spent many years pitching the script, and after getting the film "in the can", MGM sat on it for over a year showing it only to test audiences and finally an extremely limited theatrical release while changing the name in the process; the film was virtually a straight-to-video release.
  • Actor Fred Asparagus (who played Zeus) died of a heart attack just after the film was completed.

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