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Justin Anthony Knapp
Justin Knapp—a Caucasian male with brown hair and a bushy beard—stands with his arms folded
Knapp in 2012
Born (1982-11-18) November 18, 1982 (age 32)
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Nationality American
Other names Koavf (Wikipedia username)
Ethnicity English-American, German-American
Citizenship United States
Education Covenant Christian High School (diploma, 2001), Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (B.A. political science, 2005; B.A. philosophy, 2009)
Denomination Church of the Brethren
Relatives Ruthie Morris (second cousin, once removed)
Knapp introducing himself

Justin Anthony Knapp (born November 18, 1982)[1] is an American Wikipedian from Indianapolis, Indiana, who is the first person to contribute more than one million edits to Wikipedia.[2] He also works at a pizza shop, at a crisis line, at the American Friends Service Committee, and at a grocery co-op.[3]



Knapp (third from left) at a Wikipedia training session, 2011

Knapp, who holds degrees in philosophy and political science from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, has been submitting on average 385 edits a day since signing up in March 2005; about his performance he had to say: "Being suddenly and involuntarily unemployed will do that to you."[4] Jimmy Wales congratulated Knapp for his work and presented him with the site's highest award for his achievement[5] by declaring that April 20 would be Justin Knapp Day.[6] In a 2014 interview with Business Insider, Knapp said that "there is no typical day" with regard to his Wikipedia editing, and that his "go-to edits are small style and typo fixes." He also argued that the declining number of Wikipedia editors is "not necessarily a problem."[3]

On July 21, 2014, his editing was the subject of a question on the BBC quiz show University Challenge.[7]


In 2005, at the United Nations Sixtieth General Assembly, Knapp advocated for the Sahrawi people and spoke about the situation then in Western Sahara.[8] He has also done community organizing for a Restore the Fourth rally in 2013.[9]

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