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Justin Lhérisson (10 February 1872 - 1907) was a Haitian writer, lawyer, journalist, and teacher. He is best known for two novels, La Famille des Pititecaille (1905) and Zoune Chez sa Ninnaine (1906), and for being the author of the lyrics of Haiti's national anthem, La Dessalinienne.

Born in Port-au-Prince, Lhérisson held a law degree and worked as a lawyer, journalist, and teacher. As a history teacher, he published a book on the Spanish colonial period of Haiti's history. He also founded the periodical Le Soir and wrote two books of poetry, Les Chants de l'Aurore (1893) and Passe-temps (1893). Along with his contemporaries Frédéric Marcelin and Fernand Hibbert he worked to establish a uniquely Haitian novel.


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