Justin Rowlatt

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Justin Rowlatt
Justin rowlatt.jpg
Born 1966
Education University of Oxford
Occupation Journalist, presenter
Notable credit(s) Business Daily
Spouse(s) Bee Rowlatt

Justin Rowlatt is a British news reporter and television presenter working for the BBC. He is one of the main presenters of Business Daily on the BBC World Service.


Rowlatt was educated at Mansfield College, Oxford University.


During his time on Channel 4 News, he was a passenger on the train involved in the Hatfield rail crash in 2000, reporting that he "watched the carriages skid and whip around on the gravel besides the track".[1]

He moved to BBC News in 2003.

One of his first jobs in television was as an assistant producer on current affairs documentary Panorama, where, among many other stories, he worked on a programme which showed how Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo car dealers were fixing prices in Britain.[2]

At Newsnight in 2006 and 2007, he was the central figure in a year-long series of reports entitled Ethical Man (re-visited in 2009). The series increased his public visibility and made him an "accidental green hero", according to The Guardian.[3] In 2008 he worked on the BBC's The One Show, "reporting on current affairs with flair",[4] and later that year returned to Newsnight, reporting on economic matters.

He caused controversy in May 2009 at management consultancy Accenture by suggesting a female-heavy office must have been full of secretaries.[5]

In 2010 Rowlatt appeared on BBC Breakfast as a relief presenter. In 2011 he presented The Chinese Are Coming, a pair of documentaries looking at the growing influence of China in Africa and the Americas. In 2011 he co-presented, with fellow journalist Anita Rani, the two-part documentary travelogue India on Four Wheels, a road trip around India sampling the changes and problems the growing car usage has brought to the country in the last two decades (see Transport in India). The format proved successful, and the pair collaborated on two two-part follow-ups, first "China on Four Wheels",[6] which aired in September 2012,[7] and then "Russia on Four Wheels", which aired in January 2014.

Rowlatt is one of the main presenters of Business Daily on the BBC World Service.

Personal life[edit]

He is married to BBC World Service producer Bee Rowlatt and they have four children. The family appears in the year-long filming of Ethical Man. His wife has written of their relationship and family life in her book Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad. The couple jointly presented the 2013 documentary Make Me a German.


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