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Justin Stangel is a television screenwriter and producer.

In 1998, Stangel and his brother Eric Stangel become the head writers of Late Show with David Letterman, positions they held until 2013.[1]

During the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike Stangel, along with his brother Eric and fellow Late Show writers Bill Scheft, Steve Young, Matt Roberts, Tom Ruprecht, Jeremy Weiner, Lee Ellenberg, Joe Grossman and Bob Borden posted their "thoughts and observations" at http://lateshowwritersonstrike.com/.


  1. ^ Finke, Nikki (January 18, 2013). "David Letterman Shakeup In Late Show Head Writers As Stangel Brothers Snag Multi-Year Development Deal". deadline.com. Retrieved 2013-02-01. The twosome have had an unusually long and successful 14-year run as Letterman's head writers and now will turn a lot of their attention to coming up with TV shows in any format for Worldwide Pants.