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This article is about the cartoon series. For other uses, see Justin Time (disambiguation).
Justin Time
Justin Time logo.jpg
Created by
  • Brandon James Scott
Voices of
Opening theme Justin Time
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s)
  • English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (11 minutes)
Running time 11 minutes (back-to-back 22 minute episodes)
Production company(s)
Original channel
Picture format 480i (4:3 SDTV)
1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital 5.1
Original airing September 22, 2011 (2011-09-22)
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Justin Time is a Canadian animated television series for pre-school aged children, created by Brandon James Scott. The show was developed for television and executive produced by Frank Falcone and Mary Bredin. Justin Time airs on Disney Junior (both English and French) in Canada, the Sprout channel in the United States, Tiny Pop in the United Kingdom, and Kids Talk Talk Plus in South Korea.

The show revolves around the adventures of Justin. In every episode, Justin encounters a real-world problem of everyday childhood (such as sharing, teamwork, or paying attention). Then Justin and his shape-shifting sidekick Squidgy solve the problems by tackling them in imaginary adventures through time and around the world. In every adventure, Justin and Squidgy meet their best friend Olive, who always lives in the place and time they are visiting, and who usually needs their help to accomplish a task. Together, the three of them encounter the same problem that Justin faces in the real world, and together they solve the problem before Justin's parents call him back to the real world.

In the original concept, Justin travelled via a time machine, which led to the title "Justin Time".[1] Because the concept of "the past" is challenging for pre-schoolers, the show instead focuses on more developmentally appropriate adventures of make-believe.

It is noticed that the Canadian flag is blue and white instead of its official red and white in the theme song. However, this simply goes along with the color theme of the rest of the theme song.

In November 2014 it was announced that Netflix and Disney Junior Canada commisioned a new order of Justin Time episodes. The thirteen half-hour episodes will be released in spring 2016.[2]

Justin Time was nominated for a 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Pre-School Animated Program,[3] and for a 2013 Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production For Preschool Children.[4]


  • Justin: The main character, at six and a half years of age. He’s curious, imaginative, happy and overall a generally positive little guy. He likes to jump feet-first into the action, and he’s always on the go! Justin is the leader of the team and he likes to take charge, even if he isn’t always sure he is going in the right direction! He is an “action boy” and never hesitates to dive into an adventure. Justin learns about the world by scraping his knees and banging his shins. But he’s not thoughtless, and he looks after his friends Olive and Squidgy, he’s empathetic and has the ability to learn from his own mistakes and from the mistakes of others.
  • Olive: is the character who stands for FRIENDSHIP in the Justin Time series. She lives in all the places that Justin and Squidgy visit and is the friend they meet as each adventure begins. She has Brunette Black Hair. Her hairstyle and outfit always change to match the adventure. It is usually through Olive's job that the trio encounters the problem that needs to be solved.
  • Squidgy: is a big source of FUN and comedy in Justin Time. He is described as "a tub of Kooky Clay come to life".[5] Squidgy tends to want to befriend everyone and everything – from great furry mammoths to teeny bunnies to gangly pirates. He can speak to all animals except snakes – he’s terrified of snakes!


Season Episode Number Episode Title Setting Description
1 101A The Missing Mask Ancient Mexico Justin and Squidgy help Olive find her missing Sun Mask.
1 101B The Very Large Book of Pets India (17th Century) Justin gets a pet elephant and realizes that taking care of a pet is a lot of work.
1 102A Yodel Odel Day Swiss Alps (1950s) Justin and Squidgy help Olive deliver a very special gift to her Grandpa.
1 102B Wait, Little Penguin! Antarctica (late 1800s) Justin, Squidgy, and Olive help a baby penguin find his way home.
1 103A It's A Viking Thing Greenland/New World (10th Century) Justin helps a crew of Vikings discover the world around them.
1 103B Follow Those Chickens! Australian Outback (1930s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy go on a "walkabout" as they look for Olive's wayward chickens.
1 104A The Rubbery Dumplings Ancient China (8th century BC) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy show a troupe of boisterous barbarians why good manners are so important.
1 104B Hootenanny Hoedown American Old West (1800s) Justin goes on a wagon adventure across the Old West and realizes that his big wagon isn't necessarily the best wagon.
1 105A You Forgot to Say Arrgh! Caribbean Sea (1800s) Justin goes on a pirate adventure and learns that appearances can be deceptive.
1 105B The Sultan's Wish Persia (early 1900s) Justin wishes everyday could be his birthday but realizes that it's only special because it happens once a year.
1 106A Roman Racers Ancient Rome (80 AD) Justin learns the importance of taking care of his bicycle when he races his chariot in ancient Rome.
1 106B Show and Tell Galapagos Islands (early 1900s) Justin sets out to collect animals for the zoo, but learns that animals are better off in their own homes.
1 107A Secret Surprise Ancient Japan (1800s) Justin and Squidgy use their ninja skills to help Olive prepare a surprise birthday party for the Emperor.
1 107B A Mammoth Mistake Ice Age Monty the mammoth runs away after causing an accident, and Justin, Olive, and Squidgy must bring him back home.
1 108A Marcello's Meatballs Renaissance Venice Justin and Squidgy help Olive prepare a meal fit for a royally picky eater.
1 108B Where's the Oasis? Sahara Desert (1400s) Justin and Squidgy transport Olive on their camel train and learn why it's important to ask for help.
1 109A Big Sub Hubbub Caribbean Sea (early 1900s) Justin and Squidgy pilot a submarine to help harbormaster Olive find her missing octopus friend.
1 109B The Great Wall Ancient China (5th century BC) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy make a new friend who lives on the other side of the wall.
1 110A Giddy Up, Wrong Way! California (1920s) Justin becomes a jockey and learns that winning isn't everything.
1 110B Wiki Wiki Wipeout! Hawaii (1800s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy set off to a nearby island to collect orchids, but after their boat goes missing, they must find another way home.
1 111A The Pancake Express Canada (1860s) Justin and Squidgy invite Olive aboard their steam train to help deliver her maple syrup to Flapjack Falls.
1 111B The Big Stone Circle Silbury Hill (2490 BC) Olive is slowly constructing a stone structure to be used for stargazing when Justin suggests a faster way to do it.
1 112A Brave Sir Justin Medieval England Justin becomes a knight and overcomes his fear of the dark.
1 112B Cleopatra's Cat Ancient Egypt (30 BC) When Queen Cleopatra's cat runs away from the kitty salon, Justin, Olive, and Squidgy search through the pyramids to find her.
1 113A Blast Off! Cape Canaveral (1970s) Justin and Squidgy follow instructions from Olive at mission control to rescue an astronaut.
1 113B Up, Up and Away! Paris World Fair (1889) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy work as a team to rescue the Mayor of Paris when he accidentally floats away in Olive's hot air balloon.

Errors:Why does Olive wear modern clothes if she lives in 1880s Paris? The French people were originally disgusted at the unveiling of the tower,not excited as seen in the episode.

2 201A Tower of Justin New York City (1930s) Justin learns how to build the tallest skyscraper ever!
2 201B The Thirsty Garden Ancient Babylon Justin saves Olive's dried up garden by tracking down the source of the problem.
2 202A Mystery of the Missing Hat London (early 1900s) Detectives Justin and Squidgy help Olive find her missing hat.
2 202B Go, Team, Go! Guatemala (800 BC) Justin learns how to be a team player in an ancient Guatemalan ballgame.
2 203A Monkey Shadows Bali (1600s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy put on a magical puppet show using only their shadows!
2 203B The Golden Yarn Ancient Greece (500 BC) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy embark on a heroic quest in search of The Golden Yarn.
2 204A Jumbo Loves Gumbo Louisiana Bayou (1930s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy explore the bayou to invite a group of fireflies to the best Fais-do-do in Louisiana!
2 204B Too Many Cupcakes! Lyon, France (late 1800s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy work together to decorate a huge order of cupcakes at Pierre's Patisserie.
2 205A Dino Putt Cretaceous Period (65 Million BC) Justin learns how to choose the right game to play so that Rexy, Olive's huge friendly pet dinosaur, can join in too!
2 205B The Northwest Shortcut Northwest Passage (1850) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy make an important delivery across the Northwest Passage thanks to a helpful narwhal.
2 206A Yukon Dawn Yukon Gold Rush (late 1800s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy go on a wild mine cart ride to help their neighbour find her lost dog.
2 206B Lion Dance Shanghai (late 1800s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy learn how to be the best lion dancers for the Chinese New Year celebrations.
2 207A Pit Crew Hullabaloo Brooklands Race Track, Surrey, England (1920) Racecar driver Justin learns that he needs a trusty pit crew in order to win the race.
2 207B The Sharing Box Haida Gwaii, British Columbia (early 1700s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy help some troubled animals and learn how good it feels to share with others!
2 208A A Tree House Tale Papua New Guinea (1961) Justin learns that a private tree house can be shared with lots of friends!
2 208B To the Rescue! San Francisco (early 1930s) Firefighter Justin learns that you can be a hero by helping out in lots of little ways.
2 209A The Big Toot Liverpool, England (early 1900s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy work together with their tugboats to rescue a precious passenger aboard a steamliner.
2 209B Made in the Trade The Port City of Lothal, Indus Valley (2000 BC) Justin explores a bustling market and learns the value of a good trade from some colorful merchants.
2 210A Jungle Jam Kenya (early 1930s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy hop aboard different vehicles for an adventurous search-and-rescue mission.
2 210B Circus Spectacular Moscow (late 1900s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy overcome their mistakes to become spectacular circus stars!
2 211A Olé Olé! Granada, Spain (1500s) Justin learns the importance of keeping your promises on his way to performing the Flamenco for the King.
2 211B Go Get Gretel Germany (1940s) Justin leads Olive and Squidgy up Germany's tallest mountain to rescue a wayward goat.

Error:If Olive is in Germany,why does she own an alpenhorn which is found only in Switzerland?(She most probably worked near the German-Swiss border.)

2 212A Finding Fifi French Countryside (1830) Musketeers Justin, Olive, and Squidgy set off on a rescue mission to save Princess Fifi.
2 212B Voyage of the Voyageurs New France (1680) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy set off on a canoe adventure to make an important delivery across the wilderness.
2 213A Atuk's Inukshuk Alaska (1930s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy set off on a dog sledding adventure and learn the importance of taking breaks.
2 213B Tulip Trouble Holland (2000s) Justin, Olive, and Squidgy sacrifice their entry in the Tulip Festival by stopping to save their neighbor's flooded field.

International titles[edit]

International Broadcasting[edit]

Country/region Channel
 Canada Disney Junior (English and French)
 United States Sprout channel & NBC Kids
 United Kingdom Tiny Pop
 South Korea Kids TalkTalk Plus & Skylife
 Germany Disney Junior & Super RTL
 Italy Cartoonito
 Turkey Disney Channel & Disney Junior

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