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Justine Shapiro
Born (1963-03-20) March 20, 1963 (age 51)
South Africa
Occupation Actress, TV travel host, documentary filmmaker, director, producer, writer
Years active 1992–present

Justine Shapiro (born March 20, 1963) is one of several main hosts of the Pilot Productions travel/adventure series Globe Trekker (also called Pilot Guides in Canada and originally broadcast as Lonely Planet). Shapiro is known for her commentary and critique of countries visited. She has hosted more than 30 episodes of Globe Trekker, including features on Britain, Argentina, France, South Africa, Belize, Turkey, Mexico City, Venice, Malaysia, South India, China, Benin, Burkina Faso, Poland, Czech Republic, California, Germany and Mali.[citation needed]

Television and film career[edit]

Before hosting Globe Trekker/Pilot Guides, Shapiro appeared in various roles in film and television. Eventually, she was involved in several documentaries including co-production/direction duties on 2001's Promises, which was nominated for best Documentary Feature at the 74th Academy Awards.

She produced and directed a feature-length documentary entitled Our Summer in Tehran.


Shapiro is a survivor of the World Airways Flight 30 airplane crash at Boston's Logan Airport on January 23, 1982.[1]

During an October 2006 broadcast of the Globe Trekker Venice City Guide episode, Shapiro revealed that she went to Tufts University with Oliver Platt, who recognized her in the crowd, while she was covering the Venice Film Festival, where Platt was promoting Casanova.

In her lead up to a Globe Trekker visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp she stated "Like many Jewish Americans, I have Polish roots. And the Auschwitz concentration camp was where many of my relatives died during World War II."[2]

In Globe Trekker's "South Africa 2", Shapiro and co-host Sami Sabiti traveled to South Africa. While in Soweto, Shapiro visited the nanny she had as a child.[3]


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