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Justo Pastor Almario Gómez (Sincelejo, 18 February 1949) is a Colombian born, Los Angeles based, flautist, sax player, and Latin jazz group leader.[1][2][3]

He was among several Colombian musicians recruited by Mongo Santamaria for his band in the 1970s, notably on the album Afro–Indio (1975).[4][5]

Born in Sincelejo, but raised in Medellin, Justo Almario comes from a musical family tradition since childhood and dedicated to all woodwind playing that you get ahead. At 15 he founded the group The Bachelors pace and was in the famous 16 Dilido Combo, cradle of musicians who years later would lead the sound development in Colombia.

The desire to know all the secrets of the sax took him to the prestigious University of Berkeley. Shortly received a call from Mongo Santamaria, who sought an alto saxophone for the Jazz Workshop Boston presentaciónen 71. Since that was a must for any musician who would like to make Latin-Jazz and Jazz-Fusion. Today it remains a coveted saxophonist, but not to accompany stars but to amaze the public in concerts and recordings with his own group where Justo Almario is a star. His complete mastery of the soprano sax, tenor sax, flute and clarinet folklore work can be seen in developing with drummer Richie Garcia, bassist Guillermo Guzman, George Krischke guitarist and keyboardist Billy Cantos. Almario is defined as an explorer musical between various sheds, all, however, close to Afro-Latin American musical spirit.

By now it should be, and his colleagues Paquito De Rivera and Gato Barbieri, one of the best examples of these currents in the region. Almario trajectory clears any doubts. After being with Mongo Santamaria went to accompany Jon Lucien, Frank Foster, Freddy Hubbard, Willy Bobo, to anchor for some time in the Koinonia group. As if that were not enough they called Machito, TitoPuente, Cal Tjader and PonchoSánchez to touch on some recordings was well seated in their quality.


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