Juventae Chasma

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Juventae Chasma
Juventae Chasma THEMIS mosaic.jpg
Juventae Chasma in mosaic of THEMIS infrared images. Maja Valles extends north from the top of the image. Part of Baetis Chaos is visible at the top, with a smaller chaos region to its right.
Coordinates 3°30′S 61°24′W / 3.5°S 61.4°W / -3.5; -61.4Coordinates: 3°30′S 61°24′W / 3.5°S 61.4°W / -3.5; -61.4
Length 320.0

Juventae Chasma is an enormous box canyon (250 km × 100 km) on Mars which opens to the north and forms the outflow channel Maja Valles.[1]

Juventae Chasma is located north of Valles Marineris and cuts more than 5 km into the plains of Lunae Planum. The floor of Juventae Chasma is partly covered by sand dunes. There is also a 2.5 km high mountain inside Juventae, 59 km long and 23 km wide, that was confirmed by Mars Express to be composed of sulfate deposits.[2] MRO discovered sulfates, hydrated sulfates, and iron oxides in Juventae Chasma.[3]


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