Jv16 powertools

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jv16 PowerTools 2012
Developer(s) Macecraft Software
Stable release / 2011-2012
Written in Object Pascal (Delphi)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Utility software
License Shareware
Website www.macecraft.com

jv16 PowerTools, developed by Macecraft Software, is a utility software suite for the Microsoft Windows operating system designed to help analyze, optimize and maintain the computer.

The product allows users to keep their computers in a good shape and to remove unneeded and left-over data. The product can be fully used with many languages that are created and updated by volunteers.

Main features[edit]

Anti-Malware Allows user to checks your computer for any viruses and malware.

Software Manager Allows user to remove left-over traces of installed software, removes both files and registry entries.

Startup Manager Lists all the software configured to start automatically with Windows, user can remove or disable the software he/she doesn't wish to be automatically started.

Registry Manager Allows user to modify many parts of the Windows Registry, such as to edit the Add/Remove Software items, shell extensions and registered file types.

Registry Cleaner Analyzes the registry and reports invalid, not-used and erroneous registry entries.

Registry Finder Allows user to search data directly from the Windows registry.

Registry Find and Replace Allows user to find and replace data from the Windows registry.

Registry Monitor Allows user to create a snapshot of the registry and then in the future to see all the changes made to the registry since the creation of the snapshot. The user can select individual changes and undo them.

Registry Compactor Allows the user to compact (i.e. rebuild) the Windows registry.

Registry Information Shows statistical information about the size, structure and contents of the registry.

File Finder Allows the user to search files with a very rich set of search options.

File Cleaner Allows user to list e.g. all temp files or empty files.

File Organizer Allows user to organize files to their own sub-directories based on the filenames.

Duplicate File Finder Allows user to find files with identical contents, and files with partially identical contents.

File Tool Allows user to encrypt files, mass rename multiple files at the same time, or securely wipe files.

Directory Finder Allows user to find directories with a very rich set of options. For example, one could list all directories which have at least 2 sub-directories but less than 5 megabytes of data.

Directory Tool Allows user to perform tasks to selected directories, such as remove all the files without removing the directory structure.

Disk Wiper Allows the user to securely wipe the contents of a disk, a directory or all the free space of a hard drive or drives, so that the data cannot be ever restored.

Start Menu Fixer Allows user to list and fix broken shortcuts from the Desktop and Start menu.


The software is distributed as shareware with a price tag of $29.95, a free non-crippled 60-day trial version is available.

There is also a freeware version, PowerTools Lite> that has fewer features.

In December 2013, a campaign was launched at the crowdfunding site indiegogo, with the aim of making Jv16 PowerTools free.[1]