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Jvari (Georgian: ჯვარი) is a town in the northwestern Georgian province of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti. The town is situated near the Magana River where it flows into the Inguri River; the name "Jvari" translates as "cross."

The Inguri Dam, Jvari

Jvari is located in the far northwest of Georgia, at the beginning of the Mestia highway through the mountains, which provides the rest of Georgia with access to Svaneti. Jvari is home to the Inguri Dam, which provides 46% of all electricity consumed in Georgia.[1]

Memorial to Meliton Kantaria next to his grave; he was buried on the grounds of School #3 in Jvari

It was the hometown of Meliton Kantaria, the sergeant of the Soviet Army, who was photographed hoisting a Soviet flag Banner of Victory over the Reichstag following the final defeat of Nazi Germany.


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Coordinates: 42°42′50″N 42°03′13″E / 42.71389°N 42.05361°E / 42.71389; 42.05361