Jymy-class motor torpedo boat

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Class overview
Name: Jymy
General characteristics
Displacement: 22 tons
Length: 18.7 m
Beam: 4.7 m
Draught: 1.5 m
Speed: 42 knots
Range: 330 nm at 42 knots
836 nm at 8 knots
Complement: 1+10
Armament: 1x 20 mm Breda
1x 12.7 mm mg
2x 450 mm torpedoes
Notes: Ships in class include: Jylhä (J 1), Jyry (J 2), Jyske (J 3), Jymy (J 4)

The Jymy class motor torpedo boats or J class was an Italian-designed class of motor torpedo boats, seeing service during World War II with the Italian Navy in the Lake Ladoga, and later with the Finnish Navy in the Gulf of Finland.

The four boats of the J class were built by Cantieri Baglietto in Genoa, Italy and transported to Finland over land and sea. The ships were initially used by an Italian contingent, the XII Squadriglia MAS, who served in Lake Ladoga during the sailing season of 1942. The Finns bought the boats on 5 May 1943 in Tallinn and transported them to Finland.

The ships were converted into patrol boats in 1949, in accordance with the Paris peace treaty. The J class vessels were scrapped in 1961.

Vessels of the class[edit]

  • Jylhä (J 1, ex-MAS 526)
  • Jyry (J 2, ex-MAS 527)
  • Jyske (J 3, ex-MAS 528)
  • Jymy (J 4, ex-MAS 529)