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Jyoti means "auspicious flame" in many Indian languages. It is also spelled Jothi, Jyothi or Jyothy.

It may also refer to:


  • Jyothi (actress) (1963-2007), film actress who acted in over 50 South Indian films
  • Jyoti (wrestler) (born 1985), an Indian wrestler in the -75 kg category
  • Jyoti Amge, the world's smallest woman as of 2011
  • Jyoti Basu, a male Indian politician, of Communist Party of India (Marxist) from West Bengal, India
  • Jyoti Sarup (born 1954), an Indian director and producer
  • Jothi Venkatachalam, a female Indian politician, former Governor of Kerala, India


  • Jothi Agaval (The Call Divine), a poem by Ramalinga Swamigal (Vallalar)
  • Andhra Jyothy, a Telugu daily newspaper in Andhra Pradesh, India

Films and TV[edit]