Jyrki Katainen's cabinet

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Jyrki Katainen's cabinet
72nd Cabinet of Finland
Flag of Finland.svg
Jyrki Katainen A4.jpeg
Date formed 22 June 2011
People and organizations
Head of government Jyrki Katainen
Head of state Tarja Halonen (2011-2012)
Sauli Niinistö (2012-present)
Number of ministers 19
Member party National Coalition Party
Social Democratic Party (SDP)
Green League
Swedish People's Party (SPP)
Christian Democrats
Election(s) parliamentary election
Previous Mari Kiviniemi's cabinet

Jyrki Katainen's cabinet (June 22, 2011 (2011-06-22)[1]—present) is the 72nd cabinet of Finland, formed as a result of the 2011 post-parliamentary election negotiations between the Finnish parliamentary parties. Led by Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen of the National Coalition Party (NCP), 12 ministers of the 19-minister government represent the NCP and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), while the Left Alliance, the Green League, the Swedish People's Party (SPP) and the Christian Democrats share seven minister portfolios. On June 22, the Parliament confirmed Katainen's election as the Prime Minister and President Tarja Halonen inaugurated the government. Two Left Alliance MPs voted against Katainen, for which they were formally reprimanded by the Left Alliance's parliamentary group (and later expelled from the group).[1][2] On 25 March, 2014, the rest of Left Alliance left the cabinet over dispute on a package of spending cuts and tax rises.[3]


The NCP has six ministers in the Cabinet as does the SDP. The Left Alliance, the Green League and the SPP have two ministers each and the Christian Democrats has one.[4] The NCP,[5] SDP,[5] Left Alliance,[5][6] SPP[5] and Christian Democrats[7] announced their propositions for ministerial portfolios during the weekend of June 17—19 and the Green League announced its ministers designate on June 20.[8]

The division of offices agreed upon between the government parties is as follows:[4]

  • National Coalition Party: Prime Minister, Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister of Public Administration and Local Government, Minister for Foreign Trade and Europe, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Social Democratic Party: Minister of Finance, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Health and Social Services, Minister for Education, Minister of Labour, Minister for Housing and Communications
  • Left Alliance: Minister of Transport, Minister of Culture and Sports
  • Green League: Minister of the Environment, Minister for Development
  • Swedish People's Party: Minister of Justice, Minister of Defence
  • Christian Democrats: Minister of the Interior
Ministry Office Incumbent Image Party in office since

Prime Minister's Office
Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen Jyrki Katainen A4.jpeg
National Coalition Party
June 22, 2011
Ministry of Finance Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Jutta Urpilainen Jutta Urpilainen A4.jpeg
Social Democratic Party
June 22, 2011
Minister of Public Administration and Local Government Henna Virkkunen Henna Virkkunen.jpg
National Coalition Party
June 22, 2011

Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja Erkki Tuomioja 2007.jpg
Social Democratic Party
June 22, 2011
Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Alexander Stubb Stubb 4682.jpg
National Coalition Party
June 22, 2011
Minister for International Development and ownership steering issues at the Prime Minister’s Office Pekka Haavisto Pekka Haavisto 2x3.jpg
Green League
October 17, 2013

Ministry of Justice
Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson Anna-Maja Henriksson.jpg Swedish People's Party June 22, 2011

Ministry of the Interior
Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen Päivi Räsänen A4.jpg
Christian Democrats
June 22, 2011

Ministry of Defence
Minister of Defence Carl Haglund x * Carl Haglund.jpg Swedish People's Party July 5, 2012

Ministry of Education and Culture
Minister of Education and Science Krista Kiuru Krista Kiuru.png
Social Democratic Party
May 24, 2013
Minister of Culture and Sport Paavo Arhinmäki Paavo Arhinmäki A4.jpeg
Left Alliance
June 22, 2011

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Jari Koskinen x Jari Koskinen.jpg
National Coalition Party
June 22, 2011

Ministry of Transport and Communications
Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen Merja Kyllönen.jpg
Left Alliance
June 22, 2011

Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori** Jan Vapaavuori.jpg
National Coalition Party
November 16, 2012
Minister of Labour Lauri Ihalainen Ihalainen A4.jpg
Social Democratic Party
June 22, 2011

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Paula Risikko PaulaRisikko.JPG
National Coalition Party
June 22, 2011
Minister of Health and Social Services Susanna Huovinen Susanna Huovinen Finland BSPC 19 Mariehamn aland 2010 (cropped).jpg
Social Democratic Party
May 24, 2013

Ministry of the Environment
Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö Ville Niinistö 2009.jpg
Green League
June 22, 2011
Minister of Housing and Communications Pia Viitanen Pia Viitanen 21-4-2010.jpg
Social Democratic Party
May 24, 2013

× Note: not an MP — Prior to being appointed minister, Hautala and Haglund were MEPs, while Koskinen was a board member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
* Note: Haglund succeeded Stefan Wallin as the Minister of Defence in July 2012.
** Note: Vapaavuori succeeded Jyri Häkämies as the Minister of Economic Affairs in November 2012.


Minister for International Development Heidi Hautala resigned the government in October 2013. This was linked to Greenpeace demonstrations against Petroleum exploration in the Arctic by the Finnish state-owned firm Arctia Shipping and Gazprom Prirazlomnoye field in September 2013.[9]

Government platform[edit]

On June 17, the new government announced its platform[10] for the upcoming years of 2011—2015. Upon its announcement, Helsingin Sanomat highlighted its main points as follows:[11]


Budget cuts and tax increases[edit]

  • budget cuts:
  • equalization payments from the state to municipalities: –€ 600 million
  • military spending: –€ 200 million
  • level of development aid will be frozen in 2013 and 2014
  • industrial subsidies: –€ 100 million
  • compensations for costs of medications included in the medical insurance: –€ 100 million
  • increases in taxation:
  • Capital gain tax (e.g. on sales profits, rent income, dividends) will go up to 30 %; the tax will be 32 % on the part exceeding € 50,000 per year (as opposed to the previous flat tax on all capital income)
  • gasoline tax will increase by 10 %
  • taxes on car ownership, alcohol, tobacco, sweets and soft drinks will increase
  • tax-deductibility on interest payments of mortgages will decrease gradually from 100 % down to 75 % by the end of the parliamentary term
  • tax-deductibility on purchased household services (e.g. cleaning) will be reduced to € 2,000 per year
  • a new tax of 9 % will be imposed on subscriptions to newspapers and journals (as opposed to their previous tax-freedom)

Social benefits[edit]

  • Basic Allowance (an optional form of Unemployment Allowance, the other being Earnings-Related Allowance) and the Labour Market Subsidy will increase by € 100 per month
  • General Housing Allowance: the rent limit, rendering an allowance-seeker ineligible, will increase
  • Basic part of the Subsistence Benefit will increase by 6%
  • "special support" will be allocated for single parents
  • Study Grant will follow the Finnish cost-of-living index since the autumn of 2014

Municipality reform[edit]

  • the new government will implement "large-scale, structural reforms" on municipalities, by forming municipalities accordingly to "the sphere where people come to work to the relevant municipality" and the "vitality" of the municipality; the government will "specify the criteria of the reform" by late 2011

Citizens' initiatives[edit]

The Finnish Parliament during Jyrki Katainen's cabinet rejected first citizens' initiative to ban fur farming on 19 June 2013. Fur farming ban was supported by ministers Paavo Arhinmäki (left.), Susanna Huovinen (sd.), Merja Kyllönen (vas.), Ville Niinistö (green), Erkki Tuomioja (sd.), Pia Viitanen (sd.) and Henna Virkkunen (right.). Jutta Urpilainen (sd.) and Lauri Ihalainen (sd.) were not present.[12][13]

Work careers[edit]

  • while regarding "the extension of work careers inevitable for maintaining a sustainable worker—pensioner ratio and balancing state finances", the new government will "prepare work pension policies in cooperation with the key labour market organizations"
  • "special concerns" regard:
  • prevention of work incapacity
  • development of professional skills

European Union[edit]

  • Finland will "strive for participation in key projects of the EU" and "criticism of the EU by the citizens will be taken seriously".


  • the new government "is committed not to grant permissions for new nuclear plants, therefore dismissing Fortum's petition to build one"


  • the government "takes a positive stance on immigration", holding that "immigrants are a permanent and welcome part of the Finnish society"
  • the government considers the assimilation of immigrants and prevention of discrimination "central" during this tenure
  • the government strives for an immigration policy that "supports the build-up of a tolerant, safe and pluralistic Finland and strengthens Finland's international competitiveness"

Finnish Broadcasting Company[edit]

  • the funding of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio, YLE) "will be agreed upon during 2011"
  • the government will "reform the funding" as agreed upon by the parliamentary groups in March 2010


  • the government "strives for a decrease in abortion rates"
  • the new government will implement a "study on whether the week limit (20) for induced abortion should be altered"; this may "mean that the government considers making abortion laws stricter"
  • the government wants "to secure the counseling of and support for women seeking for abortion"

Geriatric care[edit]

  • to secure a standard level for geriatric care, "a law on geriatric care" will be introduced

Finnish income gap[edit]

The gap between the top earners and those worst-off grew during Katainen government.[14] Government made many decisions that favored the most rich, e.g. removed the tax from the business angel investments that are risky but can be very lucrative and mostly applies the most rich persons. Many tax allowances favor the rich, e.g. the household renovation reduction and private retirement funds.

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