Königsberg (Brocken)

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Elevation 1,034 m above sea level (3,392 ft)
Isolation 1.1 km → Brocken
Prominence 39 m → Brocken
Königsberg is located in Saxony-Anhalt
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Range Harz Mountains
Coordinates 51°47′20″N 10°35′58″E / 51.78889°N 10.59944°E / 51.78889; 10.59944Coordinates: 51°47′20″N 10°35′58″E / 51.78889°N 10.59944°E / 51.78889; 10.59944

The Königsberg is a neighbouring peak of the Brocken and, at 1034 m above sea level the third highest elevation in the Harz mountains. It lies on a long ridge that runs from southeast to northwest about 1.5 km south of the Brocken's summit.

The mountain is located in the heart of the national park and is out-of-bounds to walkers. Formerly two paths ran to the top:

  • The Old Königsberg Way (alte Königsbergweg) began near Eckerloch and ran uphill, alongside the old Königsberg Quarry, and up to the Kanzelklippen crags. From there it ran over the Rabenklippe, the old Eckerloch ski jump, towards the Kesselklippe and then through the Goethe Moor to the station at Goetheweg. It ran along the entire ridge to the Hirschhornklippen.
  • The Old Goethe Way (alte Goetheweg) began at Goetheweg station and crossed the Königsberg between Hirschhornklippen and Gipfelklippe. It then ran downhill alongside the Goethe Moor to the railway line at Neuen Goetheweg.
Map of the Königsberg ridge

There are several striking granite crags on the ridge. From east to west they are the:

  • Stangenklippe,
  • Schluftkopf,
  • Kanzelklippen,
  • several small unnamed crags,
  • Rabenklippe,
  • Kesselklippe,
  • Summit of the Königsberg and the
  • Hirschhornklippen (Hirschhörner).

The Stangenklippe and the pillar-shaped Schluftkopf used to be popular destinations and lie between the Brocken road and Brocken Railway (Brockenbahn). The Kanzelklippen consists of a group of several granite crags, some of which are over 20 m high. On the Rabenklippe is a fireplace about 70 cm in diameter, that has been hewn out of the granite. Its age is unknown. The Gipfelklippe is only about 1.5 m high.