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Elevation 3,851 m (12,635 ft)
Location South Tyrol / Province of Sondrio (both Italy)
Range Ortler Alps
Coordinates 46°28′43″N 10°34′6″E / 46.47861°N 10.56833°E / 46.47861; 10.56833Coordinates: 46°28′43″N 10°34′6″E / 46.47861°N 10.56833°E / 46.47861; 10.56833
First ascent 24 August 1854 by Stephan Steinberger, or 3 August 1864 by Tuckett, Buxton and the Biner Brothers

The Königspitze (Italian: Gran Zebrù; German: Königspitze) is a mountain of the Ortler Alps on the border between South Tyrol and the Province of Sondrio, Italy. After Ortler, it is the second highest peak in the Ortler Alps, at a height of 3,851m.[1]

The mountain was first climbed on August 3, 1864.[1] The mountain can be dangerous in warm weather, when the snow and ice can become unstable. The worst day for climbing fatalities on the mountain occurred on August 5, 1997, when seven people were killed in two separate incidents. On June 23, 2013, six were killed, also in two separate incidents.[1]


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