Kılıçkaya Dam

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Kılıçkaya Dam (Kılıçkaya Barajı in Turkish) is 25 km north of town of Suşehri 158 km northeast of Sivas city in center east of Turkey and located on the Kelkit, a tributary of the Yeşilırmak River which flows down along a large fault in the north east Anatolia than runs into the Black Sea.

Geology in the river basin where many landslides can be observed is of sedimentary formation.

Kılıçkaya Dam & Hydro Power Plant
Technical Data
Location province of Sivas, on the Kelkit River
Compilation Year 1989
Purpose Irrigation, Energy
Embankment type Rockfill
Height (from river bed) 103.00 m
Storage volume 1 400 billion m³
Dam volume 6 900 000 m³
Reservoir area at normal water surface elevation 64 km²
Crest length 454 m
Irrigation Area 83 312 ha
Spillway 7,800 m³/s
Bottomoutlet 139 m³/s
Power 124 MW
Annual production 332 000 mwh/year
Coordinates 40°14′N 38°11′E / 40.233°N 38.183°E / 40.233; 38.183Coordinates: 40°14′N 38°11′E / 40.233°N 38.183°E / 40.233; 38.183