K&K Insurance

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K&K Insurance
Founded 1952[1]
Headquarters Fort Wayne, Indiana[1]
Key people
Nord Krauskopf, Founder
Products Insurance
Website www.kandkinsurance.com

K&K Insurance was started back in 1952 by Nord Krauskopf and his wife Theodora (Teddi) in order to manage and market a benevolent fund for injured race car drivers.[2]


As enthusiasts of the various forms of motorsports, Nord and Teddi had a unique understanding of the risks involved in that kind of work.[2] They designed and marketed numerous speciality products that benefitted all people in the motorsport industry like race teams, sponsors, and even racetrack facilities.[2] It was only natural that a racing team was to be created in order to support the business. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Krauskopfs even fielded their own team for NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing action.[2] Bobby Isaac (and his crew chief Harry Hyde) would lead K&K Insurance to its famous championship win in 1970.[2] This victory would also bring 54% of Dodges' points needed for a championship victory in the Manufacturer's Championship; breaking a seven-year streak created by the Ford vehicles.[3] These vehicles would be mainly Dodge Chargers and Dodge Daytonas.[4]

Even though Nord would retire from the racing aspect of the motorsports industry in the 1970s, the business philosophy that he established remains with the people running the company today.[2]


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