K'uk' B'alam I

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K'uk' B'alam I
Ajaw of Palenque
Reign March 11, 431 – 435
Born March 31, 397
Died 435?
Predecessor New creation
Successor "Casper"

K'uk B'alam I (March 31, 397 – 435?) was a founder of the ruling dynasty at the Maya city of Palenque. He founded the dynasty on March 11, 431.

This king is also known as "Quetzal Jaguar".[1]


One stone censer stand portrays one of the Palenque kings named K'uk' B'alam, as the subject can be identified by a quetzal (k'uk') headdress and jaguar (bahlam) ears.[2] Following a suggestion by David Stuart, Simon Martin[3] notes that, in view of the object's role in ancestor veneration, it probably represents the dynasty founder.


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Preceded by
New creation
King of Palenque
March 11, 431-435
Succeeded by

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