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K-Michel Parandi
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K-Michel Parandi, (Kay Parandi), is a New York based Screenwriter and Film Director known to favor political and social themes in futuristic and Political thrillers.

He designed and directed a series of confidential and architectural movies for the Prince of Dubai, presenting a futuristic architecture of the city for the biotechnology park DuBiotech [1]. In 2005 he directed and won at Paris Film Festival best storyboard and visual creation for "Minuit 14" which is a musical and graphic adaptation of "Little Red Riding Hood".

A self described mythology engineer [2], Parandi graduated in Philosophy and Social Sciences from Paris West University Nanterre La Défense.


Parandi is represented by Jon Klane (Talent manager) of the Klane Company. He was signed by Robert Newman (agent) at William Morris Endeavor (WME) in 2009 before moving to United Talent Agency (UTA) in 2013.


Controversial and notorious French filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz known for his critical portrayal of French society offered Parandi his support for Dust Motion, a futurist and theological trilogy written by Parandi. It was announced that Kassovitz and Parandi would both co-direct the movie. The project was put on hold due to its important budget and set to be rewritten. Parandi sold the rights to producer Lucas Foster.

In 2009 and 2010, Parandi was hired as an in-house screenwriter for independent producer Hisami Kuroiwa and Academy award winning producer Ben Barenholtz for their development and production company in New York City.

From The Future With Love[edit]

In September 2011 Parandi was approached by Reid Carolin, who was seeking a new concept for a web series, with Channing Tatum attached as an executive producer [3]. Based on this Parandi created a story package entitled "Precinct 114" in which society’s police is privately owned and only provide protection if you’ve paid for it. Parandi entered a deal with Producer James Lawler to write the pilot and TV series . While working on Elysium (film) for Neill Blomkamp, Designer Ben Mauro collaborated with Parandi on the art direction of Precinct 114. [4] [5]

Parandi wrote and directed the movie "From the Future With Love" (originally titled "Precinct 114") which showcases "Republic", a TV series package based on the same premise. The show introduces a larger vision and greater story depth and was developed with Lawler. The proof of concept short movie was selected by the Art Directors Club of New York and elected as one of the best films 2013 from io9.

International co-productions[edit]

Parandi was hired by the international division of 20th Century Fox to rewrite a movie for Hong Kong director Dante Lam. The movie is currently in production in Moscow and Shanghai. Parandi script-doctored and rewrote multiple movies for the studio. Most of which are in development and none of them are yet on screen.

Video game[edit]

Parandi is developing a PC and Playstation 4 game for the Game publisher Interplay Entertainment. [6] and was rumored to be adapting a loose adaptation of the 1994 classic Descent (video game).

Prizes and Nominations[edit]

  • 1999 : Best Architectural project, awarded by "Toit Angevin" & Architect-log and the Mayor of Angers, Jean-Claude Antonini.
  • 1999 : Best screenplay by a student, at Angers European film festival. [7]
  • 2000 : Best screenplay by a student, at Angers European film festival. [8]
  • 2005 : Best visual conception, Paris film festival 2005. Jury presided by Jean Giraud, (Moebus).
  • 2008 : Nominated for a Creative Clio Award. Agency: Young & Rubicam, New York City. Project Biocity corp Dubai (Animation).
  • 2009 : Nominated for a Creative Clio Award. Agency: Milk, London. (Honda. "Tracks").


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