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K. C. Nanjunde Gowda (c. 1928 – 4 October 2012) was a businessman and one of the top Kannada film producers, exhibitors, financiers, and distributors. He is credited with producing some of the classic films in the annals of Kannada film industry, namely, Sharapanjara, Huliya Halina Mevu, Babruvahana, Bangarada Manushya, Bangarada Panjara, Daari Thappida Maga, and many more.[1][2]

He distributed more than 300 films and won several awards, notably – Dr. Rajkumar award from Karnataka state government and Phalke Academy award from the Dada Saheb Phalke committee for the year 2005.[1][2]


He was born to Chowdaiah and Muddamma as the eldest of six children at Konenahalli village of Doddaballapura, Karnataka. With no interest in education, he ventured into Sericulture business in stages with successful results. He then ventured into construction of film theatres – Navrang theatre in Bangalore, Rajkamal Theatre in Doddaballapur, and Urvashi Theatre, Bangalore. During this time, he started KCN Movies banner to distribute the Kannada films; Belli Moda film directed by S.R.Puttanna Kanagal was the first Kannada film as a distributor. He later, went on to distribute more than 300 films. For the progress of KCN Gowda in business his brothers were the backbones along with his two sons – K. C. N. Chandrashekar and K. C. N. Mohan, are also film producers.[1][3][4] He is a veteran Producer–Director making memorable Kannada films including blockbuster Bangarada Manushya starring late Dr Rajkumar.

Besides giving entertainment the flagship of KCN always vouched for quality and morality in its selection of subjects and film making. The luxury found in other languages he always wanted to bring it on Kannada screen. In the days of KCN Gowda the infrastructural facilities were not so good and there was struggle for shaping good quality films. For producing color films the raw stock was not available. Using his strength he was responsible in importing raw stock for color film production directly from foreign countries. He took challenges to boost up the quality of films in the Kannada Film Industry.

His first such challenge was taking up T.K.Rama Rao’s ‘Bangaradha Manushya’, Starring Dr.Rajkumar directed by Siddalingaiah which created the birth of a matinee idol of South Indian Cinema.‘Sharapanjara’ starring Kalpana directed by S.R.Puttanna Kanagal was another milestone in the career of K.C.N.Gowda..

He produced his first Kannada film Bhale Jodi starring Rajkumar in "double role" under Rajkamal Arts in the early 1970s; For this film, he launched a unique publicity strategy never employed anyone before in Karnataka – he erected an 80 feet cut out of Rajkumar at the time of release of this film with prior state government permission – his maiden film was a huge hit inspiring him to produce more than fifty popular movies in the following years.[1] The mega success of the maiden film and the support he got from Kannada film viewers inspired him to go in for popular subjects for Kannada screen. Bangarada Manushya’ ran for two years in States theatre Bangalore while ‘Sharapanjara’ was a silver jubilee film. It was the right fruit for his discipline and devotion in work. The KCN Brothers ventured into different subjects in movies including social, mythological, historical and entertaining films. He introduced many new talents to Kannada cinema in the field of artistes and technicians. There was no shortfall in the hospitality in the production house of KCN Gowda banner. Dr.Rajkumar was appreciating KCN Gowda as the ‘Anna Dhaata’ affectionately.

KCN Gowda family crossed 50 useful and successful years in filmdom. The prestigious production house of Karnataka. It has made the South Indian language industry Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam to turn back and take a look at the marvelous work it has done. The California based Gold Stone Company was contacted by KCN Gowda in giving a facelift of color to black and white ‘Satya Harischandra’ of KCN Gowda.

He also re-released his prior black and white produced movies in "color" and using "3D technology" lately; he colourised most of his favourite hero Dr. Rajkumar movies such as Satya Harischandra, Kasthuri Nivasa, Kaviratna Kalidasa, Babruvahana, and Veera Kesari. For the film Satya Harischandra which he produced in 1965 with 5.5 lakhs(.55 million) rupees budget, he re-released on cinema scope, color and using DTS technology for the same film in 2008 with 3.5 crores. In his another lovable statement he said ‘Live like Dr Rajakumar’. I have invested crores on Sathya Harischandra to make it color. It is only because of admiration to Dr Rajakumar. He is remembered for his lines : Failure became stepping stone to success. Those who come here for business will not go away so easily. ([5][6][7][8] KCN Gowda died aged 84.


  • Nammura Raja
  • Babruvahana
  • Bangarada Panjara
  • Jayasimha
  • Huli Havina Mevu
  • Kasturi Nivasa
  • Bhakta Siriyala
  • Ranga Nayaki
  • Bangarada Panjara
  • Sanadhi Appanna
  • Antima Teerpu
  • Dhari Thappida Maga
  • Namma Samsara
  • Thayi Devaru
  • Doorada Betta
  • " Satya Harishchandra"
  • "Belli Moda"



  • Phalke Academy award in 2005.
  • Dr Rajakumar award.
  • Karnataka Film Directors Association award.



KCN Gowda died following brief illness on 4 October 2012 at the age of 84 [9]


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