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K. S. Jayaraman is an Indian science journalist. He was the first Science Editor of the Press Trust of India (PTI), India’s premier News agency. He was also the Editor of Nature (Journal) India, Science Editor with IANS and has written extensively in Indian and international publications. He has contributed immensely to the growth of Science journalism in India.

Dr Jayaraman joined Press Trust of India[1] after completing his Doctorate from University of Maryland in the US in Nuclear Physics in 1969 and a short stint with a newspaper in the United States.

He established the PTI Science Service in 1981 and became the most respected word on Science Policy and Regulations. He has written widely on Healthcare science,[2] Space research, Military science, Biotechnology and Astrophysics. He was also a member of many committees set up by the Government of India.

He established the Indian Science Writers Association (ISWA) in 1985 in New Delhi and was the first president of the Association.[3]

Currently he spends his retirement life between Bangalore and Singapore.


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