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Subramaniam Krishnan (born 1942), popularly known as K. S. Maniam, is an Indian Malaysian academic and novelist.

K. S. Maniam was born in Bedong, Malaysia, of Indian immigrant parents. His first schooling was conducted in Tamil until he pestered his father into sending him to an English medium school. He trained at Malayan Teacher's College (UK) in the 1960s, returning to Malaysia to teach and study English at University of Malaya in the 1970s. He was Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing at University of Malaya until 1997 when he took up writing full-time. His writing commonly addresses the lives and problems of the post-colonial Indian Diaspora in Malaysia. In 2000 he received the Raja Rao Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Literature of the South Asian Diaspora.



  • The Return (London: Skoob, 1981, 1993)
  • In A Far Country (1993)
  • Between Lives (2003)


  • The Cord (1983)
  • The Sandpit: Womensis (1990)

Short stories

  • The Eagles (1976)
  • Removal in Pasir Panjang (1981)
  • The Pelanduk (1981)
  • The Third Child (1981)
  • The Dream of Vasantha (1981)
  • Project: Graft Man (1983)
  • We Make It To The Capital (1984)
  • The Aborting (1986)
  • Encounters (1989)
  • Parablames (1989)
  • Plot (1989)
  • Haunting the Tiger (1990)
  • Sensuous Horizons: The Stories & The Plays (1994)
  • In Flight (written 1993, published 1995)
  • Arriving ...and other stories (1995)
  • Faced Out (2004)
  • Guardian Knot

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