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KL USSR KP1810BM86.jpg
Max. CPU clock rate 2 MHz to 5 MHz
Instruction set x86-16

The K1810VM86 – originally К1810ВМ86 – is a Soviet-made single-chip 16-bit microprocessor that performs nearly 2 million operations per second. It has a synchronized clock frequency of 2 to 5 MHz. It is a clone of the Intel 8086 microprocessor, with a clock frequency of 10 MHz.

Like the 8086, it has a 20-bit address bus, which allows for direct addressing 1 MB of external memory. The area of memory address space is divided into segments of 64 KB. This organization of memory provides a convenient mechanism for calculating the physical address bus. The address bus and data bus are multiplexed. The microprocessor can be accessed as memory, as well as to external devices. You can access external devices using 16 bit address bus lines. Consequently, it is possible to connect 64 K external devices of 8-bit, or 32 K of 16-bit units.

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