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KGpg icon.svg
KGpg 1.2.1
Developer(s) KGpg developers
Stable release 2.9 / February 6, 2013; 21 months ago (2013-02-06)
Platform Cross-platform
Type GPG frontend
License GPL
Website KGpg on

KGpg is a KDE graphical frontend for GnuPG, which includes a key management window and an editor. Users can easily create cryptographic keys, and write, encrypt, decrypt, sign, or verify messages. Through integration with the Konqueror browser, users can easily encrypt files by right-clicking and choosing Actions > Encrypt File. Left-clicking on an encrypted file in Konqueror will prompt the user for a password to decrypt the file. You can make public or private keys, and can export/import keys. A user can sign the keys, and set an expiration date.