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KH-10 DORIAN main features
KH-10 DORIAN as Orbital Command Post

The KH-10 (BYEMAN codename DORIAN) was the classified designation for the reconnaissance mission and equipment of the experimental Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL), also inaccurately referred to as Gemini-B.[1]


The system's mission was optical (regarding the presence of the mirrors), but also had a secondary signals intelligence collection mission.[1]


A single, unmanned launch of a simulated MOL which was a Titan I first stage oxidizer tank with the Gemini II capsule occurred in 1966. Subsequently the program was cancelled, and no additional hardware flew in space.[1]


After DORIAN was cancelled, Project COLT provided six surplus 72-inch (1.8 m) optical mirrors to the Smithsonian Institution/University of Arizona's Multiple Mirror Telescope. The mirrors were constructed by Corning and used honeycombed borosilicate to reduce the weight.[1]

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  • Almaz, equivalent and implemented Soviet project
  • KH-11 Kennan, America's first near real-time electro-optical satellite, supplanting DORIAN's mission


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