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Kia or KIA may refer to:

  • Killed in action, status for combatants that have been or were killed during combat action.
  • Kia Motors a Korean automobile manufacturer


  • Kia Abdullah (born 1982), British-Asian author and journalist
  • Kia Asamiya (born 1963), Japanese manga artist
  • Kia Byers (born 1987), Canadian canoeist
  • Kia Corthron (born 1961), American playwright, activist, and television writer
  • Kia Drayton (born 1983), American model
  • Kia Goodwin (born 1973), African-American actress
  • Kia Jam (born 1970), producer at Capitol Films
  • Kia Joorabchian (born 1971), Iranian businessman and football investor
  • Kia Luby (born 1989), Australian actress and singer
  • Kia McNeill (born 1986), American soccer defender
  • Kia Shine (born 1980), American rapper and record producer
  • Kia Silverbrook (born 1958), prolific inventor and entrepreneur
  • Kia Stevens (born 1977), American professional wrestler and former TNA Knockout
  • Kia Vaughn (born 1987), professional women's basketball player
  • Kia Zolgharnain (born 1965), soccer player for the Kansas City Comets
  • Kirby Ian Andersen, "K.I.A.", cross-genre pop electronica producer from Toronto, Canada
  • Kia Pegg (born 2000), British actress



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