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City of license Spokane, Washington
Broadcast area Inland Empire
Branding Spokane Public Radio
Frequency See table below
Translator(s) See table below
First air date January 20, 1980 (originally experimental c. 1971-1980)
Format NPR/classical music/jazz
Callsign meaning PuBlic Broadcasting
Affiliations NPR
Owner Spokane Public Radio
Sister stations KSFC, KPBZ
Webcast Listen Live

KPBX-FM is a public radio station serving Spokane, Washington. It broadcasts at 91.1 MHz with an ERP of 56,000 watts and is one of three stations operated by Spokane Public Radio. KSFC and KPBZ are the others.

Through seven full-power repeaters and six translators, it reaches 70,000 listeners in eastern Washington, northeastern Oregon, northern Idaho, western Montana and southern British Columbia.


The station traces its history to a ten-watt transmitter erected in the early 1970s in the home of George Cole in the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane. It broadcast various kinds of music eight hours a day from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.. In 1974, David Schoengold, a record store owner and law school student, took over the station from Cole and expanded its broadcast schedule to 24 hours a day. It became very popular, with people waiting at all hours of the day to go on the air. It also gained the attention of National Public Radio, which sent tapes of All Things Considered. The nearest NPR station in the area was KWSU in Pullman, which was all but unlistenable in most of the city despite being only an hour south.

Schoengold wanted a better station for the area, so he formed the Spokane Public Broadcasting Association to raise funding for a full-power public radio station. The 10-watt transmitter went off the air at the suggestion of one of Schoengold's friends in order to make it easier to raise the money. After several years of fundraising and several delays in the on-air date, KPBX finally went on the air on January 20, 1980. The station had to postpone its first pledge drive because it was scheduled a few months after the eruption of Mount St. Helens, and Pacific Northwest Bell requested that phone lines be used for emergencies only.

Today, the station broadcasts a mix of NPR news, classical music and jazz. KPBX also airs BirdNote, a two-minute show about birds and nature, produced in Washington State.

It is one of seven local Spokane FM radio stations heard across Canada to subscribers of the Shaw Direct satellite TV service.[1]

KPBX also broadcasts the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library's Evergreen Radio Reading Service to blind and handicapped listeners on its 67kHz subcarrier. KPBX is one of three major FM stations in Washington to do so; KUOW-FM in Seattle and KFAE-FM in Yakima are the others. This service can be freely and legally listened to by the public. However, this requires a special FM radio capable of receiving such broadcasts; it cannot be received on a standard FM radio.


Call sign Frequency City of license Facility ID ERP/Power
m (ft)
Class Transmitter coordinates
KIBX 92.1 FM (HD) Bonners Ferry, ID 77383 74 838 m (2,749 ft) A 48°36′37″N 116°15′24″W / 48.61028°N 116.25667°W / 48.61028; -116.25667 (KIBX)
KLGG 89.3 FM Kellogg, ID 172927 100 782 m (2,566 ft) C3 47°29′32″N 116°08′33″W / 47.49222°N 116.14250°W / 47.49222; -116.14250 (KLGG)
KOMQ 88.5 FM Omak, WA 173719 100 777.1 m (2,550 ft) C3 48°27′15″N 119°18′30″W / 48.45417°N 119.30833°W / 48.45417; -119.30833 (KOMQ)
KPBG 90.9 FM Oroville, WA 173880 1,000 4.7 m (15 ft) A 48°46′59.1″N 119°22′56.1″W / 48.783083°N 119.382250°W / 48.783083; -119.382250 (KPBG)
KPBW 91.9 FM Brewster, WA 173803 1,000 755.2 m (2,478 ft) C2 48°02′14″N 119°59′7″W / 48.03722°N 119.98528°W / 48.03722; -119.98528 (KPBW)
KPBX-FM 91.1 FM (HD) Spokane, WA 61942 56,000 725 m (2,379 ft) C 47°34′13″N 117°05′0″W / 47.57028°N 117.08333°W / 47.57028; -117.08333 (KPBX-FM)
KTWP 91.1 FM Twisp, WA 173815 110 511 m (1,677 ft) A 48°19′3″N 120°06′53″W / 48.31750°N 120.11472°W / 48.31750; -120.11472 (KTWP)
KXJO 92.1 FM St. Maries, ID 164128 200 6.8 m (22 ft) A 47°20′8.4″N 116°34′18.2″W / 47.335667°N 116.571722°W / 47.335667; -116.571722 (KXJO)


Broadcast translators of KPBX-FM
Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
m (ft)
Class FCC info
K208DB 89.5 FM Enterprise, OR 10 523 m (1,716 ft) D FCC
K214AR 90.7 FM Spokane, WA 48 28 m (92 ft) D FCC
K220BX 91.9 FM Coeur d'Alene, ID 42 −42 m (−138 ft) D FCC
K220CQ 91.9 FM Brewster, WA 46 630 m (2,070 ft) D FCC
K220DV 91.9 FM Grand Coulee, WA 46 −2 m (−6.6 ft) D FCC
K269DU 101.7 FM Sandpoint, ID 50 875 m (2,871 ft) D FCC


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