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KIDO'Z is an Adobe AIR-based Web Operating System for children between the ages of 3-7 yrs.[1] It is developed by KIDO’Z Ltd, an Israeli start-up company based in Tel Aviv.[2][3]


The user interface is graphical and image-based and the stated intention of this is to allow children to navigate independently from a young age without needing to know how to read or write.[4]

There is a password-protected Parental Control Account for parents to set account parameters. Some of the features of this account are security enhancement and content customization tools, and the tools for the addition of new content.[5]

The system is designed as a platform for user-generated content. All content is moderated and approved by a moderation team before it is allowed.[2] The system blocks links, scripts and any other attempts that lead to sites and content that have not been approved.[6]

The system is internally developed around what is termed a Smart Content Engine, which filters and individualizes content for users based on certain variables, such as age, gender and languages.[7]

KIDO’Z came out of its beta testing phase in May 2009 and v1.0 is available in 17 languages: English, German, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Polish.[8]

KIDO’Z is available as a free download from its maker's website.[9] The current categories are Websites, Videos and Games for children.[10] It has been disclosed that future Freemium versions will include additional features, and that there will be a Premium model, offering certain specialized features at a small monthly fee.[2]


The KIDO’Z Kid's Web Environment Operating System is developed by KIDO'Z Ltd, an Israeli start-up based in Tel Aviv. The CEO is Gai Havkin.[11]

Business Model[edit]

KIDO’Z currently follows the Freemium model as the application is available as a free download from the website. Future versions will include additional features, such as e-mail and instant messaging in a closed network. It has been revealed that in the next few months, KIDO’Z will launch its Premium Package that will offer additional tools, services and content.[2]


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