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City of license Flagstaff, Arizona
Slogan Your Campus Voice
Frequency 1680 AM
Owner Northern Arizona University
Webcast [1]
Website http://soundtap.com/kjack

KJACK (1680 AM) is a student-run college radio station serving the Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

About KJACK[edit]

KJACK is run by the students of Northern Arizona University, with students hosting shows in one hour blocks featuring music, sports, pop culture, politics and news. In 2013, the station applied to the FCC for an FM broadcasting license. The station hosts an annual arts festival in downtown Flagstaff.[1][2]

Current[when?] programming[edit]

  • The Biased Liberal Media
  • Monday Mourning (symphonic metal)
  • Geekly
  • Otaku Attack (anime/manga review)
  • The Soap Box (political commentary)
  • 20th Century Breakdown (with Prof. Torn)
  • eSportsCenter (professional video games)
  • Fandom News


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