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Klo may refer to:

KLO may refer to:

  • Kalibo International Airport, an airport that serves the general area of Kalibo, the capital of the province of Aklan in the Philippines by IATA Code
  • Karabakh Liberation Organization (Azerbaijani: Qarabağ Azadlıq Təşkilatı (QAT)), an Azerbaijani organization created in Baku, Azerbaijan with objective of "liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh"
  • Kamtapur Liberation Organization, a northeast Indian militant group
  • KLO (AM), a radio station (1430 AM) licensed to serve Ogden, Utah, United States
  • KSQN, a radio station (103.1 FM) licensed to serve Coalville, Utah, which held the call sign KLO-FM from 2012 to 2014