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Kasturba Medical College International Center
Manipal University Logo.svg
Established October 2005
Type Private
Endowment Unknown
Chancellor Dr. Ramdas M Pai
Dean Dr. Poornima B Baliga
Academic staff 52
Students Unknown
Location Manipal, Karnataka, India
Campus Small Town
Website KMCIC Medicine

Coordinates: 13°21′17″N 74°47′15″E / 13.354757°N 74.787562°E / 13.354757; 74.787562

The Kasturba Medical College International Center (KMCIC) is the Manipal, India campus of American University of Antigua College of Medicine. The college was forged with an agreement[1] between Manipal University (formerly known as the Manipal Academy of Higher Education) and the American University of Antigua College of Medicine (since purchased by The Manipal Group). KMCIC was established in October 2005, with a focus to train undergraduate and graduate students in the Basic Sciences of the medical curriculum in preparation for the USMLE Step 1 Examinations. KMCIC functions as a distinct college of Manipal University, with its own administrative body led by Dean Poornima Baliga. It started to phase out students from its campus in Manipal and relocate them to AUA's Pre-Medical and Basic Science campus in Antigua in 2011. As of 2014, almost no students are currently enrolled at KMCIC's Manipal campus. AUA has since then made plans to dissolve that campus in its entirety with only secretarial and administrative staff on hand in Manipal serving to provide former students transcripts and paperwork where needed.


Coursework done at KMCIC is not recognized for licensure in California and the many US states that follow the California model. The California Medical Board refuted the long standing contention of American University of Antigua (AUA) that KMCIC was part of the AUA campus. KMCIC students are certified for USMLE Step 1 after completing their 'Preliminary Clinical Training / Internal Medicine I' semester. Mr. William Kelly, ECFMG's Associate Vice President of Operations has confirmed in correspondence with Mr. Neal Simon, President of AUA that KMCIC students (AUA students who begin in the Manipal Campus) are allowed to be certified by AUA for their USMLE.

Medical Council of India[edit]

KMCIC is not recognized by the Medical Council of India, as it does not fulfill MBBS-granting licensing requirements as set by the Council. KMCIC students rather fulfill US licensing requirements prior to graduation. When the Medical Council of India would come to visit Manipal, a great effort was made by Manipal University to hide any and all signs that the school even existed as it was operating illegally within India. This later became one of the reasons it was phased out.


KMCIC is second academic campus of American University of Antigua College of Medicine. Thus AUA's IMED listing applies to KMCIC as well.

Times of India[edit]

On March 30, 2009, the Times of India’s educational supplement, the Education Times, ranked Manipal University as the nation's #2 Medical Sciences University.[2]

Student life[edit]

Students have a few officially recognized organizations to join. These include Medical Students Aiding in India's Development (MSAID) and Student Council. There are cultural performances spread throughout the year performed by other colleges, which KMCIC students may watch, or even participate in. The most famous of these is the annual Utsav celebration.[3]

Most student culture involves sports such as cricket, soccer, basketball, or visits to local sights such as End Point, Udupi and Mangalore.


The semesters are organized differently from traditional American schools. Currently, there are 3 rotating entry semesters (March, July, September).

Student Council[edit]

The official liaison between all KMCIC students and the administration of Dean Baliga, this body of students conveys messages and initiates dialogue and diplomacy in favor of student needs. The organization conducts weekly meetings with all executive members and class representatives present. The President and Vice President dialogue directly with the Dean.

Class Representatives[edit]

Class Representatives are an integral part of the Council and the experience in KMCIC. A student is elected from within a batch to stand as a liaison between the class, student council, the faculty and the administration. The duties of the CR are controversial.[4] The students are elected for the term of 1 semester, and may be reelected repeatedly until their completion of the 'Preliminary Clinical Training / Internal Medicine I' semester in Manipal.


Medical Students Aiding in India’s Development is a volunteer charity and social organization.[1]

Annual Day[edit]

An annual tradition celebrated as a tour de force of each college in the Manipal Campus. This year's KMCIC Annual Day was held on March 2010 at the KMC Greens.

White Coat Ceremony[edit]

Upon completion of the 'Preliminary Clinical Training / Internal Medicine I' semester, there is an official White Coat ceremony held at Chaitya Hall, Valley View Hotel. This event signifies the completion of the batch's time at Manipal.

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