Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation

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Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation
Hangul 한국담배인삼공사
Hanja 韓國담배人蔘公社
Revised Romanization Hanguk Dambae Insam Gongsa
McCune–Reischauer Hanguk Tampae Insam Kongsa

KT&G (originally "Korea Tobacco & Ginseng" and later "Korea Tomorrow & Global Corporation", Korean : 한국담배인삼공사, Hanguk Dambae Insam Gongsa, KRX: 033780) is the leading tobacco company in South Korea with annual sales over $2 billion USD. KT&G was originally a government-owned monopoly but today is private-owned and must compete for market share with the world's largest tobacco firms such as Benson & Hedges Group, Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Gallaher Group and Japan Tobacco. KT&G’s sales volume share was 62% of the Korean market in 2009.[1]

KT&G produces popular Korean cigarette brands such as: The One, Indigo, Arirang, This, This Plus, Zest, Esse, Raison, and Lo Crux. It has been expanded outside Korea, especially through its superslims brand Esse in Russia and other eastern European markets.

KT&G also has significant affiliates such as a ginseng corporation, a pharmaceutical firm, and several bio ventures. Its headquarters are in Daejeon.

Tobacco brands[edit]

Main brands[edit]

  • Carnival (Overseas, primarily USA ....)
  • Pine Prime (Oversea)
  • Bohem Cigar No.2
  • Bohem Cigar No.3
  • Bohem Cigar No.5
  • Bohem Cigar No.6
  • Bohem Cigar Mojito
  • Bohem Cigar Mini
  • Cloud9
  • Cloud9 1 mg
  • Esse Special Gold
  • Esse Blend IN 3
  • Esse One
  • Esse Field
  • Esse Menthol
  • Esse Lights premium cigarette
  • Esse Classic
  • Esse Soon 0.5
  • ESSE presso
  • The One fresh
  • The One 1
  • The One 0.5
  • Raison Red
  • Raison Blue
  • Raison Black
  • Raison Fresh
  • Indigo
  • Arirang
  • Y 1mm
  • Y 3mm
  • Ents 1mm
  • Lo Crux
  • Lo Crux M
  • Wind
  • Zest
  • Vision
  • Humming Time
  • Timeless TIME Light
  • Timeless TIME
  • Simple
  • Doraji Yeon
  • RICH
  • THIS
  • THIS plus
  • timeless TIME (Overseas, primarily USA )
  • Hanaro
  • Lilic
  • Lilac Menthol
  • Rose
  • Hallasan
  • Eighty eight light
  • Black Jack
  • Hoopa (Discontinued)
  • Edge
  • Pine

Corporate social contribution[edit]

KT&G welfare foundation is found in July 2003. It provides professional welfare services to senior citizens, children and immigrants.


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