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KTMB Class 26 Diesel locomotive 26111 at Pulau Indah Railway Station

The KTM Class 26 is a class of Co-Co diesel locomotives operating on Malaysian Railways metre gauge network since 2003. They are versions of the Blue Tiger made in Kassel, Germany with specification by KTMB. These locomotive employ full electronic engine management system and the first KTMB fleet of locomotives to have air conditioning and onboard toilet.

In its early deployment, its high axle load of 20 tons limits its usage within the west coast line. After the railway have been upgraded to accommodate its 20ton axle load, the locomotive are now available in service from Padang Besar in the north until Tanjong Pagar terminus in Singapore. Since 2008, the locomotive also performed local daily shuttle services and limited intercity train to complement its heavy freight duty.

The 20 locos are named after places in Malaysia and are numbered from 26101 to 26120.


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