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City of license Casper, Wyoming
Branding The Voice of Casper
Frequency 1230 kHz
First air date 1946
Format Talk
Power 1,000 watts unlimited
Class C
Facility ID 35861
Transmitter coordinates 42°50′5″N 106°17′44″W / 42.83472°N 106.29556°W / 42.83472; -106.29556
Callsign meaning K-VOice of Casper
Affiliations Cumulus Media
Owner Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting, Inc.
Sister stations KMLD, KHOC, KQLT, KASS

KVOC is a commercial radio station licensed to Casper, Wyoming operating on 1230 kHz.

Station History[edit]

The station was started in 1946 and for a number of years was one of only 3 radio stations operating in Casper, WY. KVOC was originally owned by Natrona Country Tribune.[1] The station was bought by Harry and Alice Bubeck in 1964.[2] The station remained under the ownership of one of the Bubeck's until being sold to its current owner Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting in the late 90s.[3] Even after the sale Alice continued her "Morning Magazine" program on the station. KVOC started out, with a middle of the road (music) format. Then in the late 1960s the station switched over to a country music format, ending some time in the late 1990s when it was sold to its current owner. At that time it changed over to an oldies format, before switching to an adult standards format. After that the station was an ESPN Radio affiliate. Despite competing radio station KKTL now being the ESPN Radio affiliate, the logo is still painted on the window of the station's downtown Casper studio.

During the '90s before the sale of the station it was the home of "The Rush Limbaugh Show." While the first two hours were broadcast live the last hour was run one hour later at 1 pm instead of 12 noon, in order to allow the station to air its own programing in that time slot. The station also aired programing from the Northern Ag Network, as well as weather forecasts from Don Day in addition to its own "Sky Watch" forecasts. In addition to the above listed programing the station was also the home of Paul Harvey, as well as the American Country Countdown. Now Rush Limbaugh, The Northern Ag Network, and Don Day can be heard on K2 Radio.

KVOC was one of Casper's first country radio stations to be heard in stereo. The station did not actually broadcast in stereo. Instead the local cable company rebroadcast this station on the FM dial. Cable subscribers who plugged their coaxial cable into their stereo could listen to KVOC, as well as channels like HBO through the stereo. This service was known, as cable stereo, or cable radio, or cable FM.

KVOC had been off the air for undisclosed amount of time. The station was recently brought back to life is reported to soon be airing on all talk format.[4]


KVOC features a talk radio format. Recently the station stopped airing ESPN Radio's programming. The ESPN programming was picked up by competitor KKTL (1400 AM). Also for much of its life it has been affiliated with ABC Radio.

Studio and signal[edit]

KVOC's transmitter is located next to the former studio on east 15th Street. Its present studio is located at 218 N Wolcott in downtown Casper, along with its sister stations. With its 1,000 watt signal, KVOC reaches most of central Wyoming. Citing technical difficulties, the station, along with its five other sister stations went dark for a period of time in August 2011. KVOC, KMLD, and KHOC remain silent as of December 17, 2011. Other than equipment reasons, no further information as to why the three stations were off the air has been provided.[5]

In June 2012 KVOC advised the FCC that it was off the air due to financial difficulties. The station was on air for a period of days in 2012, however, broadcasting a dead carrier. The station, along with it sister FMs has been the subject of several fines in the past. In 2013, Gray informed the Casper Star Tribune that the lawsuit and a $68,000 fine for unlicensed STLs were "a lot of baloney." Gray said if the FCC doesn't back down, he plans to "sue them on behalf of every radio owner in America that has been wronged by them".[6]




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