KVTK (rocket stage)

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KVTK (rocket stage)
Manufacturer Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center
Country of origin Russia
Used on Angara A5 (proposed upper stage)
General Characteristics
Height 10.4 meters (34 ft)[1]
Diameter 3.8 meters (12 ft)[1]
Mass 23,530 kilograms (51,870 lb)[1]
Propellant mass 19,600 kilograms (43,200 lb)[1]
Engine details
Engines 1 RD-1046D
Thrust 68.6 kilonewtons (15,400 lbf)[1]
Specific impulse 463 sec[1]
Burn time 1,350 seconds
Fuel LH2/LOX

The KVTK (Russian: Кислородно-водородный тяжёлого класса, Oxygen/Hydrogen Heavy Class) is a liquid Oxygen/Hydrogen upper stage booster for heavy-lift launch vehicle. The KVTK contains an RD-0146D engine and is designed for use on the Angara Rocket.[1] KVTK would be the first hydrogen-powered upper stage for use on a Russian launch vehicle, although Khrunichev has previously produced a hydrogen-powered upper stage KVD-1 for the Indian GSLV.[2] KVTK is designed to provide up to five ignitions, allowing for complex orbital maneuvering, and have an on-orbit lifespan of up to nine hours. KVTK would allow an increase in payload to GTO of 20-50% compared to the Angara A5's standard Briz-M upper stage, powered by UDMH and N2O4.[3]


The RCAF would be a smaller cryogenic stage carrying 10,760 kilograms (23,720 lb) of propellant for the proposed Angara A3,[4] while the KVSK-A7 would be a larger stage loaded with 26,500 kilograms (58,400 lb) for the proposed Angara A7.[5]


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