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KZ1 1.jpg
KZ1 outside the Maritime Museum in Auckland
Yacht Club: Mercury Bay Boating Club
Nation:  New Zealand
America's Cup Year(s): 1988
Designer(s): Bruce Farr
Owner(s): Sir Michael Fay
Skipper(s): David Barnes
Displacement: 39 tons
Length: 36.57 metres (120.0 ft) (LOA)
27.43 metres (90.0 ft)
Beam: 8.07 metres (26.5 ft)
Draft: 6.40 metres (21.0 ft)
Sail Area: 627 square metres (6,750 sq ft) (upwind)
1,600 square metres (17,000 sq ft) (downwind)

KZ 1 was a sailing yacht used to challenge for the 1988 America's Cup.

KZ 1 was designed by Bruce Farr and has a hull made from a carbon fibre and Kevlar/Nomex sandwich.

She was skippered by David Barnes and manned by a crew of 40 from the Mercury Bay Boating Club in Whitianga, New Zealand. KZ 1 was given the nicknames of the Big Boat or Big Beauty by financial backer, Sir Michael Fay. Her size and wide decks earned her the nickname The Aircraft Carrier.

KZ 1

The unconventional challenge of Michael Fay and KZ 1 prompted American syndicate head Dennis Conner to respond with an unconventional defense. Lacking time and looking to protect the planned international event in 1992, the defenders built Stars & Stripes (US 1), a catamaran that Conner sailed to win the challenge, though most of the battle was fought in court. KZ 1 is now on display near the National Maritime Museum in downtown Auckland.

Comparison of 87–90 ft America's Cup contenders:

Year LOA LWL Sail Area Mast height Displacement
Reliance 1903 43.89 m (144.0 ft) 27.43 m (90.0 ft) 1,501 m2 (16,160 sq ft) 67.05 m (220.0 ft) 189 tons
Ranger 1937 41.15 m (135.0 ft) 26.51 m (87.0 ft) 701 m2 (7,550 sq ft) 46.98 m (154.1 ft) 166 tons
KZ1 1988 36.57 m (120.0 ft) 27.43 m (90.0 ft) 627 m2 (6,750 sq ft) 46.78 m (153.5 ft) 39 tons
USA-17 2010 34.5 m (113 ft) 27.43 m (90.0 ft) 1,270 m2 (13,700 sq ft) 68 m (223 ft) 18 tons


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