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K is the eleventh letter of the Latin alphabet.

K may also refer to:

General uses[edit]


In fiction and literature[edit]

  • K′, also known as "K Dash" or "K Prime", a King of Fighters character
  • K, the title of a 1915 novel by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • K, the protagonist of Franz Kafka's 1926 novel The Castle
  • K, a character in the manga and anime Gravitation
  • K, the main character in the TV series Robotto Keiji (Robot Detective)
  • K, Todd and Riley's adoptive superspy mother on the Disney program The Replacements
  • Agent K, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black, Men in Black II, and Men in Black 3
  • K, the protagonist played by John Abraham in No Smoking
  • K, a constructed language invented by Robert Dessaix
  • K, a character in Natsume Soseki's novel Kokoro
  • K (anime), a Japanese anime
  • Joseph K., the protagonist of Kafka's 1925 novel, The Trial

In mathematics[edit]

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As a symbol or abbreviation[edit]


  • k, symbol of the kilo- prefix in the SI and other systems of unit that denotes multiples of 1000
  • K, SI symbol for kelvin, the SI unit of thermodynamic temperature
  • K (upper case), informal abbreviation for kibibyte or 1024 bytes
  • k (lower case), informal abbreviation for kilobyte or 1000 bytes
  • K, kilobit (more correctly kbit)
  • K, informal abbreviation for kilometre (SI symbol: km)

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