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Kaaos 1.jpg
Background information
Origin Tampere, Finland
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1980–1985 1999-2005
Past members
  • Jakke
  • Epe
  • Pexte
  • Purtsi
  • Jan
  • Sepa
  • Rintsu
  • Pena
  • Kake
  • Bansku
  • Timpa
  • Jone
  • Jaska
  • Nappi
  • Sidney
  • Vesku
  • Poko
  • Kalle
  • Tomppa

Kaaos was a hardcore punk band from Tampere, Finland. Formed in March 1980, they were one of the first hardcore punk bands in Finland to release a record (the first being Rattus), and though their lineup has changed frequently through the years, the band is somewhat active still today. Only the band's guitarist Jakke (who later became the vocalist) has remained as an original member and grew to become the center figure of Kaaos.

Jakke died on 29 November 2007. He apparently died of alcohol-related causes at the age of 42. *http://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/artikkeli/Kaaos-yhtyeen+laulaja+kuoli/1135232331143

Kaaos has been described as having "the trademark Finnish 80s sound, fast buzzsaw thrash riffs, reverby vocals, all over the place drumming, and plodding bass."[citation needed] Their music defined what HC punk means for Finns and their EP "Totaalinen Kaaos" released for Propaganda Records became one of the bestselling Finnish EP records ever.[citation needed] Two years later the band released the LP "Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos" on Barabbas Records that was also quite successful.

While their early production focused on the local authorities (the police) they later grew to criticize not only the government but also how different beliefs and religions are used to justify war and the suffering war causes.


  • Kaaos/Cadgers "Kytät on Natsisikoja/ Kaaosta Tää Maa Kaipaa" split 7" 1981
  • Totaalinen Kaaos EP 1982
  • Valtio tuhoaa, ei rakenna EP 1983
  • Riistinaulittu Kaaos LP 1984
  • Nukke EP 1985
  • Kaaos/Terveet Kädet So Much Fun LP 1984
  • Kaaos/Svart Aggression split-ep 2000
  • Ismit 10"/CD 2001


  • Systeemi ei toimi EP 1982
  • Papi, Queens, Reichkanzlers & Presidennti EP 1982
  • Propaganda LP - Russia Bombs Finland LP 1982 (CD 1995)
  • Kaaos-fanzine kokoelmakasetti 2 (only cassette) 1983
  • Finnish Spunk /Hardbeat LP 1983 (= HARDCORE HOLOCAUST, bootleg LP -98)
  • Yalta Hi-Life LP 1984
  • Rare 2 EP 1990
  • Promotion only kokoelma CD 1994
  • 72 Golden Hits kokoelma CD 1995
  • Destroy Power CD 1996
  • The Tribute to Kaaos - The Chaos Continues 2x7" EP 1996
  • Lepakon hautajaiset Live 12.-13.11.1999 CD 2000
  • Rajoitettu Ydinsota - Tribute to Rattus CD 2000
  • Perkeleen punkit CD 2001
  • A Monumental Destruicao Da Vida... CD 2001
  • Tampere/Portland EP 2002
  • Perkeleen Punkit vol. 2 CD 2002
  • Totaalinen Kaaos