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View of Kababir

Kababir (Arabic: كبابير‎) is a mixed neighbourhood of Jews and Ahmadi Muslim Arabs in Haifa, Israel.[1]


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was founded in the 19th century, originating in India and settled in Kababir from Ni'lin near Jerusalem. They built the neighbourhood's first mosque on Mount Carmel in 1931, and a larger grand mosque in the 1980s. The grand mosque has two white minarets standing 34 metres tall, which dominate the low-rise skyline of the residential neighbourhoods on the ridges nearby.

At the beginning, the neighbourhood was managed as a commune in whom every one of the founding family brothers worked in his occupation and donated its fee to a mutual account. Some of the family members joint the Turkish army, some worked in the Oil refinery in the city of Haifa. Others worked building the Port of Haifa.

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Coordinates: 32°48′N 34°58′E / 32.800°N 34.967°E / 32.800; 34.967