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For the Islamic holy site, see Kaaba.

Kabba is a town in Kogi State in mid west Nigeria. It lies near the Osse River, at the intersection of roads from Lokoja, Okene, Ogidi, Ado-Ekiti, and Egbe. The town is near Abuja.

Archbishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, based in Abuja, Nigeria, was born here, according to his Wikipedia article.


Kabba was the administrative headquarters of the Kabba division of the defunct Northern Region of Nigeria, which includes all of the current Kogi State. Kabba is a trade centre for coffee, cocoa, yams, cassava, maize, sorghum, shea nuts, peanuts (groundnuts), beans, cotton, and woven cloth produced by the Yoruba, Ebira, and other peoples of the surrounding area.

Kabba people speak a dialect called Owe, or Okun. They all speak Yoruba, as the languages have vowels in common.

Kabba is the headquarters of the Kabba/Bunnu local government area of Kogi state And the current Chairman of Kabba/Bunu Local Government is Hon.E. O. Funsho. Kabba has a traditional head rulers called Obaro, obadofin, Obajemu, Obaro who is also the chairman of the Okun traditional council. The present Obaro is Oba Micheal Olobayo (Obaro Ero I). His palace located at Odo-afin. Other notable settlements in Kabba include Odi-olowo, kajola, Odo-ero, Odolu, fehinti, iyah, Otu, Egbeda, Gbeleko, Okedayo, kakun, Ohakiti, Obele, Ogbagba, Ayonghon, Ayedun,Ayetoro Egunbe of obangogo, Iduge, Adesua, Asanta, Korede, Katu, Apanga and others.

Secondary Schools in Kabba are Saint Augustine's College, Saint Barnabas Secondary School, Saint Monica's College, Sacred Heart College Iyah -Kabba, Bishop McCalla Secondary School, Federal Government Girls College Local Government comprehensive high school, Government SCIENCE School Okedayo, Christ Secondary School, Olruntobi Group of school, Green Valley Gramma School, Loca Governmentb Secondary School Kakun, Wise Virgin Secondary School, Local Government school Otu-Egunbe KogiSTATE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION TECHNICAL and the Kabba College of Agriculture, Division of Agricultural Colleges Ahmadu Bello university Kabba. Also in Kabba is the ancient Sacred Heart Catholic church which has produced numerous priest in Nigeria and across the globe.

Kabba is the most popular province in Kogi state. Kabba is the present headquarters of Kogi Western senatorial district and also the headquarters of Kabba-Bunu-Ijumu Federal Constituency.