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Kabi Kabi
Two Representative Tribes of Queensland - A Native of the Kabi Tribe.jpg
Regions with significant populations
South East Queensland

The Gubbi Gubbi (also Kabi Kabi) people are an indigenous people of Australia, and a corresponding language group of the South East Queensland coast, stretching from Pine River in the South to the Burrum River in the North - an area most commonly known today as Kilkivan.

The Gubbi Gubbi people do not believe in the Rainbow Serpent.[citation needed]

Notable Gubbi Gubbi people[edit]

  • Dali'pie, a Gubbi Gubbi elder of the early to late 19th century, a person who was an outspoken critic of the treatment of his people by the colonial government and early settlers in Australia.
  • Dahn'dali, a man who led his young men in a war against the colonial government and early settlers, from 1841 to 1854.
  • Arthur Beetson, Queensland Rugby League legend and former Australian captain
  • Bill Monkland, a Queensland Rugby League representative
  • Eve Fesl (née Serico) Captain Queensland Woman's Athletic team, world record holder for discus (height and weight), first Australian Indigenous person to gain, on educational merit, a PhD from an Australian University
  • Jim Crowe, a member of the first Australian team to tour Britain, an indigenous team
  • Lucy Monkland, daughter of James and Maggie Crowe, who made a point of passing on the Gubbi Gubbi language and culture to her children and grandchildren
  • Clifford Monkland, senior Gubbi Gubbi elder, most important male, guided most of today's Gubbi Gubbi in their culture
  • Naomi Wenitong, a Hip hop performer formerly from the duo Shakaya and currently associated with The Last Kinection
  • Bianca Beetson, a contemporary artist


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