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Launched January 7, 2007
Owned by MoonScoop Group, REMIX Entertainment Ventures
Country United States
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Website www.kabillion.com
Comcast VOD, Free on Demand Television
Charter Communications VOD, Free on Demand Television
Optimum West VOD, Free on Demand Television
Verizon FiOS VOD, Free on Demand Television

Kabillion is an interactive, multi-platform kids' entertainment channel, owned in part by MoonScoop Group, REMIX Entertainment Ventures, and Belgium-based Studio 100. Launched in January 2007, Kabillion is available both as a free video on demand (VOD) channel currently available on Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, and Optimum West digital cable systems across the United States, a free online broadband site offering streaming video and, until the site's relaunch, an online community—all designed for a key demographic of kids from 6 to 9. Nicolas Atlan, co-CEO of MoonScoop, serves as Kabillion's President. Its headquarters are located in Los Angeles.

Kabillion's online community included avatar creation and site currency known as "Kachings". Users can earn Kachings by playing games, watching videos, and posting messages in the forums. Kachings can also be bought through PayPal using an alternate currency known as K-Cash which is required for purchasing some online items. These features have since been discontinued. Kabillion now uses the social networking site Yoursphere for its online activity programs.

In March 2012, Kabillion was taken down for maintenance, with several "countdown clocks" promising a specific timeframe for the site's relaunch, which eventually occurred (albeit in its beta stage) on April 9.

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