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Dr. Kabir Sadeghi[1][2][3]
Born 1955
Residence Iran, France, Cyprus

Structural Engineering

(Offshore, Marine, Steel and R/C Structures)[4]
Institutions Girne American University, Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran University of Science and Technology, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Shahid Beheshti University
Alma mater École Centrale de Nantes, Amirkabir University of Technology
Thesis Numerical simulation of reinforced concrete columns under oriented lateral loading[5][6][7]
Doctoral advisor J.G. Sieffert and J. Lamirault
Known for Submitted four new formulas for numerical simulation of structural elements and for being the ' Father of Marine and Offshore Structures in Iran".

Dr. Kabir Sadeghi "Professor of university and expert of Structures, Infrastructures, Marine and Offshore Structures Engineering and Management" born July, 1955 in Tafresh, is the founder of The International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS) (in 1990).[8][9][10] He is also the founder and a member of the committee of The IR Marine and Offshore Code of Practice/Standard (started by PMO, 1988).[11]

He has been active in a lot of activities and projects which started for the first time in Iran. He was the supervisor of Design, Construction and Installation of the first Offshore Template Platform performed by IR Experts (N1 Nosrat Platform, 1982), the Project Manager of the first Harbor Designed and Constructed by Iranian Experts (Hormoz Port, 1986), the author of the first Book for Design of Marine & Offshore Structures in Iran (in 1989),[12] the starter of teaching the first courses of Marine and Offshore Structures Design in Universities of Iran (in 1986 in K.N. Toosi University of Technology, in 1987 in Iran University of Science and Technology,[12] then started teaching Marine and Offshore Structures Courses for Master Students in 1996 in Sharif University of Technology and in 2000 in Amirkabir University of Technology), the Engineering Project Manager/Operation Manager of the first Phase of South Pars Gas Field, "Design, Construction and Installation of SPD1, SPD2, SPP1, SPQ1, SPF1 and SPF2 Offshore Jackets", (Persian Gulf, 1995-2002), the Senior Consultant of the first Semi-Submersible Platform (Amirkabir "Ex Iran Alborz" Semi-Submersible Drilling Unit) Designed, Constructed and Installed in Iran Waters in Caspian Sea.[13]

Since 1986 he has taught as full-time or part-time professor in several universities such as:


Professor Kabir Sadeghi received the Ph.D. degree in Civil (Structural) Engineering [5] and the D.E.A. degree in Marine Structural Dynamics Engineering from École Centrale de Nantes/University of Nantes, France in March 1995 and May 1991, respectively. He has also a M.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering and a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (1986 and 1979, respectively).He was ranked as top student during his Ph.D., D.E.A., M.Sc. and B.Sc. studies. He has submitted four new formulas for " nonlinear numerical simulation of structural elements, Finite Elements Method (FEM), Stress-Strain Law and Damage Index".

Academic and professional achievements[edit]

Professor Kabir Sadeghi has proposed four new formulas for Damage Index (Indicator) on Structures, Stress-Strain formulation for Confined Concrete under cyclic loading, two Macro-element non-linear (FEM) Simulation methods for analysis of reinforced concrete structures under cyclic and monotonic loading of biaxial bending and axial load.[14][15][16][17] Two technical books were published by him, which are mainly references for marine and offshore structural engineers and also for Ph.D., and Master students.[12][18] His experience and research fields are; Non-Linear Numerical Simulation for Reinforced Concrete, Marine and Offshore Structures. He is Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Economics and Engineering,[19] Member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Coastal Engineering and Offshore Structures [20] and Program Committee Member of some Workshops and Conferences such as; ISEAIA 2013, WNSA2008 and CONECO2009.[21][22][23][24]

Professor Sadeghi has received the award of the distinguished professor (PWUT, 1996) and appreciation letters from Iran minister of road and transportation in 1998 and 2004 and from Total Fina Elf Company in 2003.[25] In September 2005 he joined Girne American University, faculty of Engineering. He is Head of Department of Civil Engineering.

He has had a great deal of experiences and collaboration in power plants, marine, offshore and industrial structures managing, design and construction in international projects as project manager, project engineering manager, senior consultant, designer and supervisor. Some of them are listed as follows:[26]


Some of many of his publications are listed below [32]

  • Kabir Sadeghi, Analytical stress-strain model and damage index for confined and unconfined concretes to simulate RC structures under cyclic loading”, International Journal of Civil engineering, Vol 12. No. 3, Sept. 2014. Full Text of the paper is available at:.[33]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Energy Based Damage Index Based on Nonlinear Numerical Simulation of Structures Subjected to Oriented Lateral Cyclic Loading”, International Journal of Civil engineering, Vol 9. No. 3, Sept. 2011. Full Text of the paper is available at:.[34]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Coasts, Ports and Offshore Structures Engineering (Book), Published by Power and Water University of Technology, ISBN 964-93442-0-9, 502 pages, 2001.[35][36][37]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Design of Marine and Offshore Structures (Book), Published by K.N. Toosi University of Technology, 456 pages, 1989.[12]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Fatemeh Nouban. “Numerical simulation of sea wave characteristics and its applications on Mediterranean sea waters”, International Journal of Academic Research (IJAR), Volume 5. No: 1, January, p. 126-133, 2013. Abstract of the paper available at:[38]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Fatemeh Nouban. "A New Stress-Strain Law for Confined Concrete Under Cyclic Loading", International Journal of Academic Research (IJAR), Volume 2. No: 4, July, p. 6-15, 2010.
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Fatemeh Nouban. "A simplified energy based damage index for structures subjected to cyclic loading ", International Journal of Academic Research (IJAR), Volume 2. No: 3, Mayy, p. 6-15, 2010.
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Proposition of a Damage Indicator Applied on R/C Structures Subjected to Cyclic Loading”, Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures, Vol. 1, edited by J. Mihashi & K. Rokugo, AEDIFICATIO Publishers (Netherland), ISBN 3-931 681-21-1, p. 707-717,[39][40]
  • K. Sadeghi, Lamirault J. and Sieffert J.G., “Damage Indicator Improvement Applied on R/C Structures Subjected to cyclic Loading”, Structural Dynamics, vol. 1, p. 129-136, Balkema, T. Moan et al. Editors, ISBN 90 5410336 1, 1993.[32]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, Significant Guidance For Design and Construction of Marine and Offshore Structure, GAU Journal of Social & Applied Sciences, Fall 2008. Full Text of the paper available at:.[41]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, A Numerical Simulation for Predicting Sea Waves Characteristics and Downtime for Marine and Offshore structures Installation Operations, GAU Journal of Social & Applied Sciences, Fall 2007.Full Text of the paper available at:.[42]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, An Overview of Design, Analysis, Construction and Installation of Offshore Petroleum Platforms Suitable for Cyprus Oil/Gas Fields, GAU Journal of Social & Applied Sciences, Spring 2007. Full Text of the paper available at:.[43]
  • O. A. Muyiwa, K. Sadeghi, Construction planning of an offshore petroleum platform, GAU Journal of Social & Applied Sciences, Spring 2007. Full Text of the paper available at:.[44]
  • Kabir Sadeghi, “An Analytical method for Precasting the Downtime in Caspian Sea for Installation Purposes”, Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Coasts, Ports & Marine Structures (ICOPMAS2004), 29 November- 2 December 2004.[45]
  • K. Sadeghi, “Proposition of Method of Nonlinear Numerical Simulation of R/C Structures under Bi-Axial Bending and Axial Loading”, Proceedings of The First International Conference on Concrete & Development, Tehran, 2001.
  • Kabir Sadeghi, “A New Formulation of Damage Indicator for Structures Subjected to Cyclic and Monotonic Loading”, Proceedings of The Third International Conference on Coasts, Ports & Marine Structures (ICOPMAS98), Vol. 1, p. 36-46, Dec., 13-15, 1998.[46]
  • K. Sadeghi, J. Lamirault, & J.G. Sieffert, “A Simulation Procedure for the Non-linear Response of R/C Columns Under Oriented Lateral Loading”, Proceedings of the International Symposium of Construction 2000, vol. 1, Romania, 1994.
  • K. Sadeghi, Lamirault J., Sieffert J.G., “Réponse de la zone critique d’un poteau B. A. sous action déviée cyclique (Effet des caractéristiques géométriques) “GEO’ 94, 1ere Réunion Annuelle, 3 p., 21-25 Nov. France, 1994.


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