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A kabney (Dzongkha: བཀབ་ནེ་; Wylie: bkab-ne) is a silk scarf worn as a part of the gho, the traditional male costume in Bhutan. It is raw silk, normally 90 by 300 centimetres (35 in × 118 in) with fringes. Kabney run from the left shoulder to the right hip, and are worn at special occasions or when visiting a dzong.

Gho with orange kabney

The rank of the bearer determines the colour of the scarf:

  • Saffron scarf for the Druk Gyalpo (king) and the Je Khenpo (chief abbot)
  • Orange scarf for Lyonpos (ministers and other members of the government)
  • Blue scarf for members of the Lodoi Tsokde (royal consultative council)
  • Red scarf for Dasho (male members of the royal family and higher officials)
  • Green scarf for judges
  • Blue scarf for members of the National Assembly and members of parliament
  • White scarf with red stripes for Gups (headmen of the 205 gewogs)
  • White scarf for ordinary citizens

Former scarf ranks include:

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