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Kabompo is a town in north-western of Zambia, lying on the Kabompo River with a population over 88,000 people and the M8 road. It is surrounded by teak forest and is home to a Roman Catholic mission.

Its most significant activity is the production of honey. You also find a water falls called Chikata. There is an air strip.

Kabompo House, No. J11a, Kabompo Township, to which Kenneth Kaunda (first president of post independence Zambia) was restricted by the Colonial authorities from March to July 1959 is a noted national monument.

There is an interesting cable ferry across the Kabompo River 80 km to the south-east.

Coordinates: 13°36′S 24°12′E / 13.600°S 24.200°E / -13.600; 24.200